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Driving abilities and test assessment

I have been for a driving test assessment at a hospital in Edinburgh and would be interested to know if others have been through a simmilar process. I was tested for many things like, coordination, attention and memory and rection time abilities. I was also taken out on the road to test my general driving skills using the hand controls suited to my needs.

The occupational Therapist who assessed me decided that driving with a steering ball on my left hand and a push/pull excelerator and brake with an indicator switch on top for my right hand was the best adaption suitable for me.

Check the tag below for an insight of some converted hand control devices. The page also shows and describes some usefull wheelchair/scooter storage devices.

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Sorry. I know nothing on this one but I could not get the link to work?


Try this link Litty and click on adaptions tag down the left hand side column


Hi Iain25,

what was the outcome of this driving test assessment ?

Did they take away your driving licence untill you´ve

installed a steering ball on your left hand and a push/pull excelerator and brake with an indicator switch on top for your right hand ?



Hi Jurgen. My new driving licence came with restrictions that only allow me to drive using the hand controls you describe. My new licence will be for only three years and I will need to renew it again. I had to first of all sit three driving lessons using these controls before I'm given the go-ahead to drive only using these controls. My instructor has now sent his report to the NHS 'Ashley Ainslie' hospital who will then decide if I am able to drive again. I'm very confidet that everything will be okay. If the assessment centre think otherwise then I will be asked to go back to the hospital for another assessment. Fingers crossed I will be fine.


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