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name of disorder??

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i saw a wiki page about a disorder that i believe i have. unfortunately i forget the name so i cant check the page and make sure the signs i have is there and stuff. One sign is when u have thoughts of you looking like yourself physically but not mentally etc being happier, having different personality. another example is not being able to sleep in a way. its like being forced to stay awake but at same time, not...

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Hi, again I would ask your doctor about this. It looks to me that you are trying to find out what is wrong with you. If you keep looking things up on the internet it may just stress you out more, please ask your doctor. I used to look things up all the time to find my diagnosis and it can be just more distress doing this and adding to your problems. I would try to take your mind off your problems by doing things you like doing in your life, like going for walks, watching a movie or doing your hobbies, this helps me a lot. Hope you are feeling better soon


I'm going to see my mh doc in a few weeks which is why im starting to look up what i may have just so I can get treated. It's okay about being stressed part as i dont get stressed easily and this isnt my first time looking things up :) I'll take your advice, about doing things I enjoy. Thank you for answering . I appreciate it.

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