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Neurologist and CAB Update


Having been to both yesterday the Neurologist has ordered lots more tests to try snd find out why Richard has CA . She said she may never know though . I feel back to square one in a way . The five months of adjustment are up in the air . Now what lies ahead again ?? The CAB were great but all we can try for is Contribution ESA which would start when SSP ends . We would get this for a year £73.10 per week . I am feeling hopeless I will have to work more and I’m stressed as it is !! We have to sit down and consider moving as I cannot see another way of going forward .

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Look up Attendance Allowance. Not means tested. I get £57.20 per week.

Do you get PIP as well as ESA? If not then you should apply for it too. You can also ask for a carers assessment from social services to help you especially if your working. I managed to get help with a cleaner so that I could focus on partners needs. It's so tiring trying to get the support in place get as much help from cab to support you through the process as it's very tiring fighting for the care you BOTH need

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