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Bit expensive but very good:

I recently bought the FreeWheel for my folding wheel chair for 2 family weddings in marquees in our fields and some beach trips. Both these locations are normally a nightmare for me and my pusher! We have just had my daughter’s wedding and I very easily got everywhere.

Last week, I have just been to a local National Trust property with my husband. This would normally be a disaster for me and near impossible for my husband, but the Freewheel has changed our trips so much - we went around the whole property really easily.

We are planning next year’s holiday to several beaches (normally I require 2 strong boys one either side and wheelchair carried to the sea! - fun but embarrassing).

Thank you x

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Great picture! I am so happy for you 😊 Sounds really nice

I have never heard of a freewheel, for the freedom it is giving you and your family it sounds well worth the investment. What a lovely happy photo. XXX

First congratulations on your daughter'''s wedding! How is your new chair different from the usual chair??

Beautiful picture.

Thank you - you are all so sweet - that was taken getting the marquee ready.

Lol, I am hopeless I forgot to say where I got it from Gerald Simonds.

Neta - Before when we went anywhere I was very limited by my wheelchair, I spent a lot of time going backwards. Whoever was pushing me often had a nightmare on gravel, grass or sand.

It is explained much better on their website


Hi, that is great, glad you have better freedom. I got a supascoota, which gives me freedom to travel, it is great people create these super gadgets, enjoy.


Litty in reply to suzie44na

Lol - I did not know what you were talking about, sos looked it up - very smart x

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