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A couple of freebies


Hi Everybody, my daughter has Ataxia as a result of post viral/infectious cerebellitus about 18 months ago. She continues to gradually improve as the months go on but her movement and balance is still very much affected. We do everything we can to support her recovery and when she was first out of hospital we paid privately for her to have a Lycra compression suit made. This is made by Jobskin (jobskin.co.uk/nd) she was 6 at the time it was made and has outgrown it. It cost about £800 and I am loathe to throw it away without at least offering it to anyone out there who has a little girl that age who may benefit from it. So please get in touch if you are one of those people. The other thing I have to offer is some Neuroconnect clips (set of 3 neuroconnect one and 1 neuroconnect balance clip). I bought them from this website where you can find the details: neuroreset.ca/

My daughter claims they make absolutely no difference but she is only 8 and sometimes her feedback is a little impatient! Is there anyone who would like to give them a go and see if they help at all?

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Hi Kirvine, I am very sorry to hear about your daughter. I am interested in the clips if you still have them please.

Thanks in advance. Wishing your daughter well.

Hi Louisa, how are you getting on? Did you notice any improvement?

Hi sure, I could post them to you if you let me know your address. They cost me about £200 including postage and customs duty so would you mind if we had a deal that if you do find they have a positive impact that we can have them back for my daughter? Perhaps if you borrowed them for 6 months to give them a good try and see what you think? Would that be ok? I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up as my little girl says they make no difference but the website does have testimonials of lots of people that think they do and there is no harm in trying.

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