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Visiting India

Since I was young India is a country that I've always wanted to visit. Obviously now I wish that I visited it years ago before this damn illness started. But hindsight is a great thing ehh.

We'll I'm determined to visit India. I shall avoid all the mega cities and thought to concentrate our visit in the south west region. My problem is I don't know how I'm going to manage to get around. I can only walk a short distance (150 metres approx). I have an lightweight power assisted wheelchair, operated by a joystick.

Obviously we could pay a driver to drive us around, but I want to visit the markets etc. Other people I have spoken to have told me that the streets are full of large potholes and they don't think it would be suitable for my wheelchair. I can get out to manouver my chair when needbe. I'm not trapped in it.

Does anyone have an experience or suggestions to help me to fulfil my dream. Or know of organisations that could help me?



Alison x

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Alison my lovely, I envy you your trip to India, I would suggest you ask any of your questions on Google Search, My powerchair is joystick controlled too..... good luck 😀🌹🌺 xxx

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thank you so much. I will let you know about it. Looking at next year hopefully x


Do you need any help with your bags.... te he




😊 Look on Facebook, Alison. Search ‘disabled on holiday group’. People travel all over despite disabilities but as you point out, certain drawbacks are best known in advance. A travel writer, has often posted pro’s and cons 😊xB


thank you. I will look. Xx


Hi wibbly...have you searched online? I found this company;


who sound interesting and you might be able to get some pointers from them. They offer supported holidays but no mention of India.

Hope this helps.



thanks Steve I will check that out xx


Go on this link from Capricorn, type India in destination search box at top left and destinations in India will appear! Xx


will definitely do that xx

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Yes, do go. Travelling to other parts of the world, especially when you're older is amazing. (I'm in my 70's now and I have limited mobility). You see life differently. In 4 weeks I am about to embark on my 6th visit to Chile, on my own. I book my holiday with Audley Travel and they take care of everything for me. Wheelchair assistance at airports, driver and guide when I'm there and I get to some really wonderful off the beaten track places. They are not the cheapest holiday as everything can be tailor made to suit you. Send them an email and they will contact you by phone and you can discuss your disability and what you want to do. I hope this is of some help. Lorraine


wow that's really amazing what you're doing. Are you still walking?

Good for you. I hope you have a great time in Chile, you obviously love it there. Let us know all about it.

thanks I'll contact this company, bit worried they may be out of my budget, but you don't know 'til you ask eh

thanks v m xxx


I am going to India later this year, but have already fixed up with a GP in India so that I don't have to worry about medication, I will be there for several weeks and intend to post gifts and souvenirs home.

Hope you have a great time.



whereabouts in India are you going?

and are you still walking?

I'm really interested in how you're going to get about there?

how exciting xxxxx


I am going to Bangalore for a week then travel as much as I can by train. North to Delhi, West to Goa, and possibly out of the country to extend my visa. For a week or two I shall be staying with a friend and he will drive me around Mysore and the rest of the time I will use sleeper train or taxi. I am able to walk, but am prone to falls and stumbling so will have walking canes with me. I am going in October as the temperature in Bangalore is not to high and I will have a week to aclimatise before travelling around as much of the country I can cover. I will finish my journey in Bangalore where my friends will barter for me to get the gifts I wish to buy.

I was only diagnosed with ataxia 6months ago after a cycling accident two years previous, and I damaged the frontal lobes.

Fill me in on your intentions.


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