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Hi everyone

Firstly sorry about my spelling

Does anyone know if they were ever or have been turned down for reapplying for their pip as my one is due to expire soon,just wanted to know if there is anything to watch out for when re-applying again

Thanks very much

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  • I will not bore you with details cos recently covered

    I found this website though and under medical rights you can demand a copy of anything they have on you so ask.

    ( x

  • Art...... I don't have PiP. I have DLA, on the one occasion I had to re apply for it I got all the relevant paperwork together and went to age concern and they helped fill in the application form, but of course if you are too young for Age concern then try the citizens advice people....

    Good luck.


  • Thanks Don

    For your reply much appreciated

    Wish you all the best


  • I got together every single form blood test result etc letters from gp,consultants ot and physios had a home assessment and got enhanced rate in both groups they can’t say your lying with all the l

  • Thanks Guy

    I have no more visited to the consultants any more as it’s over a year now and they say there’s nothing more they can do same as GP I have my bathroom done with handrails and still have to take my tablets daily. No new evidence

    Thanks for your reply any suggestions


  • Even if it ways over a year the secretary will write you a letter keep all your prescription forms and just be honest they should know an illness like ataxia cant be faked

  • Thanks Guy for your reply and taking timeout to do this

    Thanks Arthur

  • No problem I just did mine in June got 10 yr award

  • Excellentwell done please for you,it’s a shame DWP doesn’t know how Axtia effect people

    Cheers Guy

  • That’s why get as much information to show them and then a few short letters from whoever cares for you how you have to plan the simplest of tasks get in their head and make sure you’re getting everything your entitled to it’s yours you’ve earned it you can always ask me in private

  • Thanks Guy

    Will do.

    Thanks 😎😎😎😎

  • I was at a presentation about PIP ect (given by CAB) last weekend, the lady was saying for renewal look at your current award if you are happy or you are on enhanced then tick no change even though there is change since any change means a new claim which means they could admen your current award downwards, so if you are on enhanced you can get extra points but no more money so why run the risk?

  • Thanks Nigel for that information,does help me knowing people our going through the same situation



  • I was originally awarded maximum care and maximum mobility two years ago (for three years) but following a review recently my care was cut to standard and mobility taken away altogether. I have started the Mandatory Reconsideration. I cannot see how, given that my symptoms and their effect on me have gotten worse, this happened. When my husband filled out the form we made sure that we described my deterioration over the past two years and asked at the assessment if the Assessor had seen the previous report, she said she had, and yet this is the result. It seems to us that saving money is all the government cares about.

  • Thanks Sharon for your reply, I was awarded stander daily allowance and stander mobility allowance for two years one year was back dated,my illness has not changed so no new information or doctors letters so I have nothing to prove things have changed so I am wondering what will happened .sorry your illness has got worse,I wish you all the best in getting everything back,be nice to hear your results if possible

    Good luck fingers crossed


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