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Hans and Legs not working properly of my mother:-



My mother is 47years old lady and she has problem like her hand and legs not working properly. In her case, keep dropping things, or not holding onto things; and sometimes, when i do manage to grip something, my fingers then won't let go and cups, spoons etc. She has such type of problem 12 years before and now she has same problem.What is the type of disease she has and what type of food we give her to recover fast. Anyone can give me any suggestions.

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Hi sumangill

Thank you for your post. Has your Mum been diagnosed with ataxia?

Best wishes


Hi, it sounds like some neuroloical problem. Your mother is best to see a neurologist and ask her doctor for a referral. I am not sure what food helps maybe just healthy eating. I take vitamin B stromg type, given to me by my doctor this is suppose to help the nerves I think not really sure.

I don't know what disease this is but it does sound like a neurological symptom which I feel should be addressed. I would suggest starting out with her family physician. He/she may advise testing or directly want your mom to see a neurologist . I hope this helps. God bless!

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