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PQQ protects the brain


Hello, please take a look at this link, it is about a very powerful antioxidant called PQQ, that protects the brain from damage, oxidative stress and protein misfolding. PQQ has shown to increase the formation of new brain cells and can promote growth of new mitochondria. It also gives you energy boost and along with coq10, theres even better effect. You can purchase this for example from iHerb. It has said to be over 5000 times more powerful atioxidant than vitamin c.


PQQ is Neuroprotective Against Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Cognitive Injuries


So this might be a very effective supplement for patients suffering from ataxia. Sorry for my spelling if there are mistakes, im from abroad(Finland) so english is not my native language :)

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Hi hannaorova

Thank you for your post.

I must stress 3 things.

Firstly, there is no evidence that PQQ has any benefit on people with ataxia.

Secondly always be cautious when buying medicines/therapies over the internet. You have no idea what you are buying.

Finally, if considering taking any kind of supplement always speak with your doctor to ensure it doesn't interaction any other medicines you are taking.

Best wishes



Sure of course, I just wanted to share information, I myself use this, and have found this a good supplement. But of course, talk to your doctor first about any supplement you would want to try!

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