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Exciting news?

So as normal listening to Radio Two on my way to work 😆 and Moira Stewart drops in to the news that 'scientists have made a breakthrough in the search for a treatment for Alzehmers and other neurodegenetative disease' quick Google on BBC news and seems they have found that a current anti depressant can halt a host of brain diseases..........positive news! X

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Hi Stanleyclan, Yes this is exiting news. It demonstrates the significant progress which is being made in neurology at the moment, and the value of repurposing drugs that are already in use for other conditions. This is encouraging in general, but unfortunately this particular discovery doesn't have direct relevance for the treatment of ataxia. Indeed, one of the drugs involved, trazodone hydrochloride, has causing ataxia listed as a side effect!

The Research Department has had a look at the scientific paper published on the study in the news today. Julie Vallortigara says

"I think this is exciting news for potential treatment for dementia, but not for ataxia. The couple of compounds were found to have some positive effects on the mouse model of dementia, but seem to act on toxic proteins which are specific to dementia and therefore there is no obvious link with the neurodegeneration in ataxia which is related to totally different protein aggregates."

So, we can be hopeful because of general progress in neurology, but this doesn't seem to offer possibilities of a breakthrough in ataxia research. Sorry to be the party-pooper once again, but the breakthough in ataxia research will come one day - and hopefully that day isn't too far away. Sue


And hope fades back to despair........oh was nice whilst it lasted!


Ah well - good to know

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Hope u r right,N


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