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Hearing in groups

Hi, can anyone recommend a hearing device for when you are out in groups?

I have had my actual hearing tested and it is OK, its just when out I have problems hearing anyone if it's not one on one.

I have stopped going out in groups with my friends and know I need to sort this out as it is very easy to become isolated when you have ataxia.


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This is not an overly helpful reply but I have the exacts same problem, a bit of background noise and I can't make out someone talking to me. When I was at the Ataxia clinic last year I was meant to be refered to a hearing specialist but they are having problems sending me letters and I have yet to be seen but there is something that you put in the middle of the table with a piece in your ear and it distills the sound somehow and it transmits it to you. Ill follow this in case someone knows more!


Thanks Rudders_77,

Hopefully we'll get some more replies that will tell us what it is!


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