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Hi everyone. I do not have Ataxia myself, but have a close friend who has it. I read all the posts on this forum and I am amazed at the support you all have for each other. I have told my friend to join you all but he is a bit reticent. I read the comments and report back to him. Please keep up the good work/advice and total support as I think you are amazing with what you live with and this site must help a lot of people that have no where else to turn. As one person said, "I may have Ataxia, but Ataxia doesn't have me" How positive is that ? I will keep reading and pass on all the useful information.

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Encourage your friend to improve his fitness, especially their core strength, and work on their balance

I read posts that are relevant to all ataxias & it's surprising what information is useful. I have Cerebellar Ataxia amongst other things. I would definitely recommend that your friend joins. Everyone with ataxia definitely understands & may be able to help.

Ataxia UK are extremely helpful. I've also found the NAF (national ataxia foundation in America) website to be useful too.

Bottom line. What is there to lose?

Tell your friend to keep smiling. Laughter (even at oneself) is the best medicine.

Best wishes 🤗😜

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