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Hello my 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with Ataxia resulting from (most likely) post viral cerebellitis 3 months ago. She has not been able to run or do any of the sporty things she enjoys since then except swimming. She struggles to walk in a straight line and slips and trips frequently. Are there any parents out there who are going through something similar?

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My son is now 6 was diagnosed with ataxia at age 3 and he suffered with his fine motor skills hearing problems and balance falls regularly bumps into things also has flat feet and inner toed. He's developmentally delayed by 2 years. Speach is not very good too. X

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Have you heard of "gluten ataxia?" Could this be a possibility for your son? My son was hospitalized for ataxia at age 2. He just turned 3 and the only thing that has helped him is being gluten-free. His balance and "wobbliness" got better after gluten was eliminated from his diet and any small amount seems to trigger his symptoms again.


Hi I know I'm not a child but I was 1st told I had Parkinson's 5 years ago But then I had an 2nd opinion was told I had msa-p /tortecollis in the neck.. i too kept tripping and my motor skills are not good , I also have a tremor in the legs. I can walk but not unaided i use a rollator.. I'm 45


Oh 1 more thing I have frequent falls...


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