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I have had ataxia for over 20 years - I am now blind and in a wheelchair and have very poor dexterity. This week, during the night, I had a bad episode of having a tremor in my leg and I really couldn't stop it, for over half an hour. In fact, it was like a panic attack but I am taking medication for panic attacks. Has anybody else experienced this type of tremor in the legs, and if so, can anyone suggest anything that I could do to stop the tremor, and the breathing caused by panicking?

My husband, who is my carer, was also very concerned and worried.

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Hi Patricia😊

That must have been very distressing for both of you.

Perhaps it might be best to discuss taking any medication for this with your GP, just to make sure you don't suffer any interaction with your current prescription for anxiety🙂

There are recommended medications known to help with ataxia symptoms, log onto and scroll down Fact Sheets🙂



Sorry to hear about your tremor. Having practiced yoga for 30 years before I developed ataxia, I often put it into practice to help with symptoms. I do not have tremor but do get a lot of discomfort at night.

Would you be able to stretch the affected area?

As Beryl has suggested discuss this with your GP.

Perhaps physio would help, in which case you can self refer.


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