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Cerebellar atrophy

Hi my husband has been diagnosed with cerebellar atrophy with a possibility of ataxia. The cause is yet unknown but he is being referred for genetic tests at our local hospital. Is it worth asking for a referral to ataxia uk at this stage? The neurologist we have seen is less than helpful and has underplayed his symptoms. My husband only seems to have problems with his gait and cognitive issues. Can anyone shed any light on our situation. Thank you very much.

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Hi 😊 Your GP can refer you to an Ataxia Centre. The first Neurologist I saw had a similar attitude, at the time my own symtoms were worrying but not that troublesome, it's unhelpful but a fairly common occurance. If it's too far to travel to your nearest Ataxia Centre, you could ask to be referred to a Neurologist who specialises in ataxia. I was eventually diagnosed by a Neurologist whose special interest was MS, then I had a second opinion from his colleague who was a Specialist.

See and for lots of helpful information.



Hi Wobblybee that's very kind and helpful. My husband has indeed seen an ataxia specialist near where we live but really not helpful he didn't even look at his gait just did a heel to toe test. Will probably get the gp to refer directly. Hope alls good with you. Many thanks. 😃


I have been diagnosed with mild cerebellar ataxia caused by low b12 levels??

I have b12 Injections every 3 months, no difference in my gait or balance, am I going mad? Feel tired a lot, my legs ache, does anyone else have a b12 deficiency?


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