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Assistance at Airports

I read a post from xray 25. So pleased you had a good holiday. It always surprises me that strangers can be so helpful, especially on holiday. I also read a reply from neta about assistance at airports. I am planning my sixth solo trip to Chile and in previous years have travelled extensively when I am there. Yes, I get a lot of help when I am there but most importantly, I get wheelchair assistance at all the airports, Heathrow, Madrid, Santiago etc. plus all the national airports within the country. It is essential to book assistance in advance i.e. when booking the flights, either through the travel company or direct with the airline. I do not usually use a wheelchair but if you have mobility problems, they are an absolute must when negotiating your way around. At Heathrow, there are dedicated "Disability" desks, so head there first. Fortunately for me, as from January 2017, British Airways are flying direct to Chile, thus avoiding the necessity of changing planes at Madrid.

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Yes,I also normally dont use a wheelchair and make reservations early specifying assistance but each airport complies differently.On the day of my travels Heathrow was asleep. Strangers were nice but officialdom didnt work.Maybe an additional phone call is needed.But to whom??


ring your travel company and tell them you need assistance i flew with jet 2 and thomas cook and called both to make sure they new i needed assistance.


Right. I will/did but somehow the message never went thru.


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