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Group support - exercise etc

Hello fellow ataxians.

This is by way of answer to two recent posts, on difficulty standing and on the media and support for ataxia.

Doing more exercise to strengthen the body is the only way to help ourselves. My wife Jenny and I do 20 - 30 minutes yoga based stretching every morning before breakfast. It has helped both of us enormously. In addition we also go to one class a week. If you want to start with something less challenging have a look at this is my site and just to let you know I have over 25 years experience as a holistic therapist and psychotherapist so I do know a bit about the body and the brain connection. I also taught yoga for several years, at one time with 3 classes a week at different levels.

I watched with interest the BBC programme on monday about parkinsons disease. Another neurological condition in several flavours, which responds to lifestyle work by the sufferer. On monday morning my local radio station, BBC radio solent, ran a talk in about parkinsons. I emailed them and then spoke on air for a time to the presenter Julian Clegg, and his guest in the studio, a lady called Mary who runs a parkinsons support group here in Southampton. They meet weekly and do Tai Chi, many of them seated, and after lunch have a sing song as a choir. I spoke with Mary this morning, and Jenny and I are both going along next week. Her approach is "everyone is welcome".

There are hundreds of parkinson support groups around the country, have a look at the parkinsons society website to find one near you. Go out and mix with people who are finding ways to cope, who understand the challenges and who are doing the best to enjoy what they can do in life.

Or of course sit at home and complain no-one is doing anything for you, if only THEY would finds a cure. Wake up and smell the roses, the answer is more in your hands than anybody elses.

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I really admire how you've changed your life to help your ataxia but bearing in mind some people are not so fortunate as yourself John as you have met can't bearly walk talk stand upright he has also developed Msa we are on a waiting game here ! Wheelchair arrives today council are out soon to see what adaptations we need so I'm sorry to say for johns condition yoga is out of the question but thank you for responding and offer help and advise but we are going to the media to try and make other people aware of this disease !

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Hi Phoebe

John has to take charge of how he goes forward. I've offered my support freely but he's chosen to ignore me.

Good luck with the house changes. hope you'll still manage the holidays you were so looking forward to when we met.



Yes I know Nigel John hasn't been in a good place but things are moving along now and I do appreciate you being there thank you lesley


i do live life to my limitations i have started to go abroad again we go out for meals we are just saying if there was a celeb out there with araxia it might get a bit of recongnition


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