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Ataxia and employment

My 18 yr old son has CA, diagnosed when he was 10. He is currently looking for work. He has been to the Disabilities Employment Adviser who put him in touch with Capability Scotland who may get him on a work choices programme, if this goes to plan they can get him employment for 6 months but what happens after this. He uses a wheelchair sometimes, his speech is affected and his co ordination is affected but there must be something out there for him. He wants to do youth or community work. What are other peoples experiences with employment?

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Hi Linda, At Ataxia UK we know a number of people who are wheelchair users who have found work and been able to stay in their jobs despite the challenges posed by their ataxia. There's a Government scheme which applies across the UK (slightly different in Northern Ireland) called Access to Work which provides financial support to enable disabled employees to maintain employment. You can find information about it at I'm sure Capability Scotland will be able to tell you more about this. I hope your son finds something he enjoys. Sue


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