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Hi all,

My friend has been diagnosed with C A. It started with just the left leg being affected and the GP or neurologist never gave her a clear diagnostic.

Last year she had a series of injections with Cerebrolysin in a clinic outside of the UK. Shortly after the treatment, her condition deteriorated abruptly and she is now unable to walk, speak or swallow properly.

The neurologist in the UK believes that there might be a connection between the treatment and her condition worsening. From what I read online, there are no such side effects to this treatment. Has anyone else with CA ever had this before? If so what can you tell me?


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To be honest,Ihave never heard of this drug, and you dont say where the clinic is. At this point,I would try to be seen by a very good neurologist for an evaluation.

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Hi Neta, thanks for your reply. The clinic is in Romania, Cerebrolysin is made in Austria and from what I read online is mainly used to improve cognitive functions or for people with dementia or Alzheimer's. What it also says is that it's a nootropic drug, if you know more than me what that means.

I think the reason she went for it was because the neurologist in the UK never gave her a clear diagnosis before. They said it was a functional disorder, but no other specifications or treatment was given.


Right.CA is a very mystifying disorder which is hard to diagnose. It is a motor, not cognitive,(at least not in me) disorder. Clinics in strange countries, offering miracle cures, are generally frowned upon. But I do understand her.Try another neuro..I don't live in the UK but many folks on this site do and can direct you.


HI Charley. I am suffering very badly with brain damage, and am keen to fix it, so I am looking for somewhere that uses Cerebrolysin.

Could you do me a massive favour and PM me the information for the clinic your friend attended?

Thank you.


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