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Glasses suitable for Nystagmus

Does anyone who has Nystagmus have any experience of the best glasses for this problem. Although I think two pairs of glasses might be the answer ( one for reading and one for long distance) I wondered if bi-focal with large lenses might be ok

At present I have vari-lenses and these are proving very difficult

Two separate pairs might not be the answer ---------where have I put my other pair being the problem!!?

Any help would be much appreciated

Best wishes. Ted

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I now have bi-focals and still have difficulties in reading for the following reasons. I have huge difficulties in focussing and when I had two pairs of glasses,one for short distance /reading and one for long distance my manual dexterity is v poor due to the Ataxia . I keep getting in a muddle. I have yet to find a solution. Let me know if you find an answer?

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Hi Ted😊

I'm seen regularly at my local eye clinic, nystagmus has been a symptom for years but I'm told nothing can be done about it, at the moment.

I'm lucky in that my type is at it's worst only when I glance from side to side. As you may know, my glasses have prisms, it's necessary to look straight ahead to get the full benefit. So, as long as I'm careful and turn my head to look around, nystagmus can be bearable.

But not everyone finds prisms beneficial, with certain types of nystagmus I could imagine eyes flickering against the prisms.

I'll certainly post future helpful information😊xB


I have verifocal lenses but have had to switch to larger frames and am finding them slightly better


There have been some questions posed lately on the Healthunlocked forum about ways to deal with nystagmus, the flickering of eyes from side to side or up to down.

I've put a page on my site here ataxiafightback.wordpress.c...

I've put up links to explain nystagmus, and how to combat it, complete with a link to a sufferer for 17 years and the hoops he jumped through to try and fix it!

Please have a read and let me know if you have other ideas to offer.

As always I have used my friend the internet to provide information. None of it is of value unless I do something with it. Ataxia is with us all day every day, the best person to deal with it is you and me. Doctors and neurologists don't understand it and have few useful ideas on ways to cope. They cannot cure it, and neither can we. We however can mitigate it's effects and can learn from each other and support each other.



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