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Friedreichs ataxia

My husband has had FA for over 25years, he recently had a chest infection and now he is unable to speak clearly (even I can't understand what he is trying to tell me) and can't hold himself up in a chair. I would like to know if anyone else has experience anything similar, I am really worried about him and not sure how he is going to cope with this.

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Hello ! I am sorry to hear about your husband , I have CA Ataxia , they told me about 2 yrs ago but I have had symptoms for a few yrs now , my mum had ataxia and nobody ever knew but I can see all the signs that she had . I'm afraid I haven't had what your husband has but I hope he improves and i'm sure that with the right medicine and a bit of time he will get better just give the body some time to get over this hurdle . My thoughts and prayers are with you both . maber x


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