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A diagnosis

On Friday, I received a letter from my neurologist with the results of my genetic blood test. It has been confirmed that I have type 2 SCA and that I inherited this from my mother (I'm adopted so knew very little family history only that they thought she had MS and died in her early 50's).

Whilst the neurologist had already said it was ataxia,to have it confirmed is both a relief and a stressor!

Any good advice from other type 2 sufferers out there?

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Hi Jay :-)

Although I'm not SCA2, I would agree that diagnosis is something of a 'mixed


After years of going back and forth to my GP, and made to feel that I was

wasting time, I was somewhat relieved to be believed. Then of course the

enormity of the diagnosis needed coming to terms with.

Best wishes :-) xB


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