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Friendship or contacts near Shipston On Stour

[near Stratford upon avon]

Hi I am looking for someone of a similar background or someone who just wants to email ect [must not upset the ladies present so you are included] as you all probably know ataxia+age makes chatrooms out of the question but it would be nice to have some contacts that it would be possible to meet up with occasionally. There used to be a way of viewing local members on this site but apparently this is no longer the case.

so to give anyone an idea as to the type of person I am I worked as an agricultural engineer a small garage then looked after a private vintage car collection so a practical type of person who is interested in older mechanical things is a good description


A fitting quote

He who is whole does not necessarily always remain so

[Jk Rowling via Mrs weasley in harry Potter and the half blood prince book]

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Dear John, I live in the US, but wish you much luck in finding people to chat with in then UK! ;o)


Hi John, I live in Abingdon. There are a few of us here in Oxfordshire occasionally meeting up informally. I don't have any contact details here (at work) but can get them to you later... :o) Julian.


Nice to hear from you Jullan I will wait to hear back from you later


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