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I thought I had a few weeks left

I thought I had a few weeks left

Physio` arrived today - as you know one has stoped coming and one has arranged a monthly visit (I think) - and we started using the new zimmer and the new riser-chair thingy thing in the kitchen it`s quite a handful really.

Anyway after 30 minutes of this and the exercises I was clearly whacked out.

The physio` could see this and decided then was a good time to stop and rest....and then she dropped the bombshell :-O

No more physio`s would be attending me at home, as they have done all they can do regarding my SCA6/Ataxia.

Including the monthly visit :-(

So it is up to me to keep up my/their good work and carry on with the exercises :-)

I was expecting it, but not so early. But not to worry, life goes on. Small steps, small steps.

The weekend is upon us once again - so I hope you all have a good one - cats and dogs and budgies and horses etc included)


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Really cute pic John! Nando (the kitten) has just walked across my keyboard as I type

this, I momentarily lost the screen! I lost him yesterday, he was missing for almost

6 hours, I can't tell you how panicked I was. We found him eventually in the depths of

a cupboard under the stairs!

I wonder if there's any other relaxing form of therapy you could have. My GP has

referred me to Neuro Outpatients at Walkergate Hospital, so watch this space!

Lovely and sunny here, I hope you've managed to sit out and enjoy it. xB



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