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A wake up call

I don't often get out and about early in the morning. Today I got off to a good

start, so decided to do some food shopping. The last stop was Waitrose, the

store was quite busy and I was mentally moaning about having to keep changing

pairs of glasses and slow moving people, I forget I'm one of them! I got to the

sweetie aisle and found the chocolate section blocked by an elderly lady, I knew

what I wanted but she was bobbing and weaving.

We ended up in conversation, initially about chocolate (of course), and I found

out she was buying for a friend who was ill. During the course of the conversation

she commented on how many illnesses were invisible, and how difficult this must

be for sufferers. She herself had Diabetes, and I told her I had Ataxia.

She went on to tell me about someone else in the village who has Cerebellar

Ataxia very severely.

After we parted, I was left feeling guilty for having felt sorry for myself over

the glasses. Some days I really struggle but it's nothing compared to what the

other person has to deal with.

I made a mental note to give myself a good shake, and make more of an effort

to put my best foot forward.

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Hi wobblybee. Don't feel too ashmaned; you are not alone; we all get a bit frustrated whilst

shopping; but it seemed a good encouter you had with this lady with diabetes. I wonder if her friend with CA lives close to you?



Hi dollydippy

I was told this person has a good support network around them.

Although some of the info has proved difficult to follow up on.

best wishes



Thanks for sharing your story. Try not to feel guilty Wobblybee, as when dealing with our own physical ailments, we forget there are many people worse off than we are. We all need a gentle reminder now and again, as it's human nature! My best to you..., ;o)


Dear B,

For some reason I just saw this now. As I told someone on the other site, my shrink says the same thing-- and according to my doctors my situation is minor. (They say). What really is infuriating is that the medical community calls everything "brainscience" today to get, I am told, better funding and more popularity. Bottom line : whenever one comes to the dr. he/she says there is nothing new. I find this"brain science " breakthrough lingo to be a scam which is actually hurting us. But I lked your story about the diabetic woman. N


Not many people have the courage to admit that. Well done to you :-) :-) :-)


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