Has anybody noticed a susceptibility to sunburn when taking certain anti-depressants?

Last weekend was unseasonably warm here! I pottered in the garden unaware

of how long I'd been out. As it turned out it wasn't long, and I hadn't deliberately

stayed in one place to get a suntan. When I went into the house my face was burning,

I thought it was the usual redness I get after bending down but it was excessive and

stayed with me all day.

(I later returned to the garden wearing a large brimmed hat)

Then I read a post on HealthUnlocked about certain anti-depressants known to make

you more susceptible to sunburn! I take Sertraline, it's on the list!

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  • Hi Wobblybee, I take Sertraline also, and yes, I'm more susceptible to sunburn. For what it's worth, I use a 15 sunblock on my face and body year round. If I'm going to be out for a long time in the sun, I up it to 30..., ;o)

  • Hi February!

    Thanks for the advice, I never deliberately sunbathe anyway, I'm fair skinned

    and have always burned. It had never crossed my mind about this connection,

    my daughter is off a belated honeymoon soon and also takes Sertraline. I'm

    glad I was able to pass on this info, you don't want to be laid up with sunburn

    on honeymoon!

    best wishes


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