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Which Puppies work for mild asthma/allergy - medium/standard dog breeds that are hypoallergenic

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We had a standard Poodle before and this worked. We are looking in the UK for a list of cross breeds with a poodle that might work with my asthma. (eyes itchy and asthma causing in-frequent use of ventolin inhaler etc). My asthma is under control without dogs/cats/hay/dust at the moment but don't want to introduce chest problems etc.

We are particularly interested if a cross between a Hungarian Wire-haired Vizsla and a Standard Poodle might work. Who might know.?

How can you tell if you are allergic to the hair or the dander or the saliva?

For example a few years ago I tried a Labradoodle and it would not have worked. I'm looking to avoid the pain of trying and failing again!

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I’m sorry to be a burden of bad news but there’s no breed of dog that is hypoallergenic.

Ask a vet and they will tell you the same answer.

My specialist, and our vet, told me you can become allergic to any dog at any time. I have started to react to our current terrier after owning him for four years. He has too many issues to rehome ( he's a rescue dog), and we love him too much to PTS, so I am coping as best I can. We run two air purifiers 24/7 and there is a spray you can buy to use on the dog's hair to reduce dander. It's easier in warmer weather as he spends a lot of time in the garden!!! Big decision for you and big balancing act if you go ahead. I read somewhere that Schnauzers are less prone to shedding hair, but they do need regular clipping.

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I have an allergy to dogs, parents looked into this so that they could get a dog I can cope with. They discovered with crosses you want them at least 3rd generation with 3 generations of poodle to get it is ‘hypoallergenic’ as possible. To explain their labradoodle (who I’m not allergic to) has a dad, granddad and great-grandma who are all poodle, so their dog is only 1/8 non-poodle. With crossbreeds of poodle the size will depend on the size of the poodle… their dog is a medium/small-medium cause all the poodles were small, had the poodles all been larger poodles, she would have been medium/large…

Hope this helps

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Most helpful thanks

I am sorry so say that, but there are no hypoallergenic dogs.

The thing you are allergic to is a protein in dogs' saliva, skin, and urine. Some dogs with hair, not fur, shed less (and are erroneously called hypoallergenic) which means people with mild allergies may not react as much to them. But when houses are tested, the amount dander (which holds the protein) stuck on the walls, floors, carpets etc. is the same for dogs who have fur vs. hair.

I am severely allergic to dogs and spending a few hours at a house with poodles once landed me in the hospital with an asthma attack. I had thought I wouldn't be as allergic because they had hair but I was wrong.

It sounds like it would be hard to try and fail again for you and the dog for sure. Could you spend time with a dog before buying it so you could be sure it was a good fit?

Hi, we have 2 Cockapoos, both have dad's as poodles and mum's are spaniels. Our daughter has a shi-zu x yorkie. I have not had problems with any of them and our eldest cockapoo is 14.

Oh golly, if your asthma is stable why risk upsetting things? I’d love a little dog but I love breathing more. But, if you’re going to get one, why not a pure bred poodle? At least you know you’re ok when them, and they seem the least “allergic”. I love poodles, that’s what I’d have if I was able to

I have allergic asthma and I have always wanted a dog but am highly allergic. There is no rhyme or reason to what I’m allergic to but I have tried to find a breed that causes a small reaction that I’m tolerant to. I sat for two and a half hours with a breeder who is asthmatic and has three wheaten terriers and at the time had just homed 5 puppies which would leave and awful lot of everything that can set your asthma off. I had a medium reaction which was good because it showed that I had a good tolerance to this breed and I was only having one dog. I also went to wheaten get togethers and met other owners who are also asthmatics and who also didn’t have many symptoms.

This was a long process to ensure I wasn’t going to make a huge mistake and was still nervous. But it had worked out well for me and I have had my wheaten terrier 7 years and I’m less allergic to him than one of my cats. My main concern with mixed breeds/designer dogs like doodle mixes is that you can never be entirely sure what their fur is going to be after puppy hood.

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