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NHS email qualified new Treatment for cornavirus

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Dear All

Has anyone else got this email (see photo) saying you qualify for a new Treatment for cornavirus if you get it.

I qualify as I have asthma (not serve) I am currently taking high dose inhaler fostair nexthaler 2 puffs twice a day plus monkelaust. Had one course of steroids tablets this year.


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That’s good news ! Hope I get one 😁

I haven't got this email yet, hopefully I do though lol.

On a bunch of medications including maintenance dose of Prednisolone and Xolair.

I just got my email too, I didn’t even know the emails (or medication) were on the cards, so it’s certainly made me feel a little more relieved - I’ve been so anxious over the last few weeks & I know this doesn’t stop us catching it, but it may help us fight it (along with our vaccines) 🤞🏻

I am sorry you are feeling so anxious. Given half the chance I can be a real worry wart. So I have to take my worries to God and I do this alot! I would like to pray for you now. I pray that the peace of God that passes all understanding will guard your heart.

I pray that if you get covid the symptoms will be mild. Amen

I received one. Currently on Fostair 200/6 2 puffs twice a day, spiriva resp, montelukust, ventolin and I’ve had 5 courses of steroids in the last 12months (one course being 4weeks)


Here’s the link in the email. A colleague got her notification by letter so if people haven’t got them yet it could be a Royal Mail issue.

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floating_ in reply to Dogruff

I should be getting the email (or at least the letter) then.

I'm on Relvar Ellipta (184mcg/22mcg), Spiriva Respimat, Montelukast, daily steroids (with quite a few burst courses), Xolair monthly and Ventolin as needed (plus antihistamines and other medication).

But having said that I wonder if being on Xolair is why I haven't gotten the email???

I had one today.... Not sure how much use it is now but happy to keep a PCR handy.

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elanaoali in reply to ReedB

I look as this as a Christmas present from the NHS.

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Kekememe1 in reply to ReedB

I wish they would do that for us here in the States. The USA could really learn a lot from the UK in how to effectively handle this testing situation. It's been a nightmare this past 2 weeks.

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elanaoali in reply to Kekememe1

We forget that others dont have the nhs is and take it for granted. I watch many american programmes abot E.Rs and can't believe that alot of people can only get help with their health is to go to emergency room. I have in the pass been in A&E (accident and emergency) with my asthma and just know that I can go and get treatment without cost.

Just about to order more lateral flow test for free. That I took for granted and your post remindes me how blesses I am.

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Kekememe1 in reply to elanaoali

You guys are really blessed. Today, they are handing out a few test at random libraries in a few cities in my county. Of course these will be snatched up in a few minutes. There is no systematic ordering and sending them out to patients. Forget about the ER which the same as the A & E. As an asthmatic you will be seen but expect a huge bill upwards of $10,000 . If you have insurance, most of that will be paid, but without insurance, you are stuck . Thank God for my great pulmonologist, who gives me a supply of prednisone so I can avoid the ER. Yup the NHS might not be perfect, but it's what we Americans would give anything to have. Take care.

I received an email earlier today. Currently on Fostair 200/6, spiriva resp, montelukust, ventolin and on my 4th course of steroids since the start of November (this one will last 5 weeks to hopefully avoid another bounce back). Whilst I hope everyone stays safe and doesn't get Covid, I feel somewhat reassured that if we do test positive there's a treatment available to hopefully help us and keep us out of hospital!

I got the same email today too

Hi there. I had the same email today. I was a bit surprised but my thinking is if I should get covid it will recovery etc it’s worth it

Hi. Yes I got one yesterday .

I got mine yesterday too - I assumed it was because I am diabetic but am also asthmatic and on Fostair 100/6 (4 puffs a day) Spiriva respimat (2 puffs per day) Salamol as needed and Montelukast 10mg. Have also had 5 courses of 80mg Pred since April. Am fully vaccinated but good know there’s a potential life saver out there and to be able to be proactive if needed.

It only applies to those in England not any of the devolved nations.

Hi, I have just received the PCR test kit but not had the email yet.

Hi. . Yes I got one yesterday .

Hi I also got this yesterday, I am on 10mg maintenance pred, theophylline, spiriva, symbicort, ventolin nebs, and inhaler, saline nebs

I also had covid in July

I got a letter today also

The PCR arrived yesterday.

I haven't got my pcr test through the post yet

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floating_ in reply to elanaoali

I still haven't even received the email. Quite confused as I'm Immunosuppressed (on long term oral prednisolone).

Just don't really understand the logic on how they've picked who gets this access?

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Poobah in reply to floating_

My sister and I haven't received ours either, my sister being miles more vulnerable than me. I've checked my spam box too.

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floating_ in reply to Poobah

Same here.

I think I might phone my GP tomorrow (if they're open), they still haven't updated my 3rd vaccine as my 3rd primary - it still says "booster." I just really don't get how they've applied the criteria when it seems a lot of people who are immunocompromised are being missed off!

Are you on biologics by any chance?

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Poobah in reply to floating_

No I'm not on biologics, but my sister is. I did think I may no longer be classed as clinically extremely vulnerable but my sister definitely is. I'm assuming, at this stage, that it's a staggered roll out. 🤞 Keep us posted how you get on with your GP. Good luck.

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floating_ in reply to Poobah

I'm on biologics (Xolair), and I'm still classed as CEV (on Prednisolone maintenance dose and for various other reasons). I dunno, I guess it's just confusing. I hope you and your sister get some sort of advice going forward about this!

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Poobah in reply to floating_

Thank you Floating.

One of the 2 treatments is a biologic the other an anti viral. Even though we've got the email and pcr once they receive our positive pcr a nurse will ring to triage which one is more suitable if any based on that assessment. If this helps at all. X

nhs.uk/conditions/coronavir... is the link from my email that I think might answer some of your questions.

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Poobah in reply to elanaoali

Thank you elanoali.

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floating_ in reply to elanaoali

Thank you. Yeah, I'm on oral steroids which cause me to be immunocompromised and prone to infections. I'm also on high dose inhaled steroids. I should've gotten the email, like I did all the CEV emails (as I'm CEV). This is what I'm saying, some people have clearly been missed off for some reason. I dunno. Maybe they'll figure it out at some point. Haha.

Hi Floating. Probably best to call 119 and ask them. The email I received from the NHS said to call 119 and select Test and Trace if the pcr kilt didn’t arrive so I guess they’re coordinating it.

I had an email and recieved pcr test last week

My Christmas present from the nhs. Ready if needed and I pray I dont have to use it.

PCR test

Received my email and whilst to my knowledge I have never been categorised as extremely vulnerable with my Asthma, I'm assuming it's because I'm onto 5th lot of oral steroids due to infections this year in addition to high dose inhaler steroids and other immune affecting medical conditions. Great news if it keeps us out of hospital. Stay safe all x

I got the email. Have very bad asthma and only 80% lung capacity. On fostair montelukast and azithromycin and have had numerous courses of oral steroids this past year

Yes I got the email last week, I thought it was triggered as my husband tested positive and put me as a contact, but looks like it's a coincidence and us a general roll out. We can't believe he has caught it, he has been sooooo careful. We have spent since last Sunday trying to live in different parts of our small house (but dont have separate bathroom or kitchen) He has been sleeping on the sofa and I've not been in there. Masks on, windows open, sanitising everything, no contact...what a Christmas. I've had 7 negative lateral flows so far 🤞. The PCR came in the post yesterday (delivery Boxing Day!) so I'm ready if need be.

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