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Asthma and covid booster

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I am due for my booster in 2 days time but had asthma in the last week. Should I postpone it ?

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I would go, but I don’t always make sensible choices! I suppose the safest thing is to check with your GP. Ours has an e-consult where they guarantee to respond within 24 hours.

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France21 in reply to Troilus

Thank you Troilus.

I was in hospital at the beginning of the week with my asthma and have my covid booster booked for Sunday. When I asked if I would be able to have it, they said that I should be ok as long as I was no longer taking steroids but to speak with my GP/asthma nurse to make sure. I'd recommend giving your GP a call to check.

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France21 in reply to Bob987

Thank you Bob. Will do.

Hi France21 I would check with your gp first.

I went for my booster last week and when I got there was told that as I’d had Prednisone just before my second vaccine i would need a third full shot.

Apparently my second vaccine dose may have been affected by the pred suppressing the immune system enough to stop it working fully. I will need to go back for my booster (half dose) in 6 months time.

Speak with your gp, but it might be worth waiting a month if you’ve been on pred.

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France21 in reply to flowerjunky

Thank you.

Go and get it. I also had a flare up but still went and was fine.

Thank you. I will .

Hi France21 i had my booster 3 days ago and although i was a bit short of breath and coughing which this cough has been with me for more than 10yrs i still had mine and was fine i was only offered the Moderna an was fine afterwards ring the helpline for covid if your not too sure and get medical advice .stay safe take care.xx

Thank you pink 123 floyd

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