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Spriva for Asthma


Good Day

Hope everyone is looking forward to the relaxation of lockdown regulations, I am .

I have been prescribed for my 4 lung problems but the specialist says that I do not have COPD but has prescribed Spiriva but when I research this drug it says that it is not for asthma and only for COPD. I would be grateful for any of your comments or findings about this drug

All the best Keep Well and Stay Safe

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Hi Wheesy,I have Spiriva for asthma and it definitely improved things for me. I don't know if there are different kinds, mines a Spiriva Respimat that I take once a day. The leaflet from mine talks about treating COPD and asthma with it. The side effects are actually listed separately for the 2 conditions.

I hope it works for you as well.

Wheesy in reply to Lincolnlady

Thanks very much that puts my mind at rest because all my medications are for asthma and do not say for asthmaThanks Again

I take it for asthma and ive been told I definitely do not have COPD as I don't show a have any signs of fixed obstruction

Wheesy in reply to Chip_y2kuk

Thank you for the useful info. I feel a lot more at easer with tje prescription change

Chip_y2kuk in reply to Wheesy

Also I don't know where you are but spiriva is licenced for asthma there is a cheaper alternative; braltus that is only licenced for COPD (same drug different inhaler and delivery method )

fenny123 in reply to Chip_y2kuk

I was swapped from Spiriva to Braltus and was told it was exactly the same. It isn't. The powder is denser. I can inhale the Spiriva powder just fine, but *cannot inhale the Braltus powder . I simply don't have strong enough lungs, and I doubt that coating my tongue and swallowing it, as happens, will do any good at all. I'm getting frustrated that all the things which worked fine and kept me breathing, have been taken from me or substituted or changed and *I'm* the one suffering because of it. Not just my breathing, but my heart is now playing up because it's having to work harder.

I was prescribed Spiriva Respimat three weeks ago for severely worsening asthma and was told that it is prescribed for both asthma and COPD. It took a while to work but it seems to have sorted most of my problem. Hope it helps you.

My chest consultant explained that he was prescribing me an inhaler for my asthma "off licence". The authorities had licensed it for COPD, but it was proving successful in helping asthma patients. It will only be a matter of time before it becomes officially licenced for asthma too, and as a Consultant he had the powers to prescribe it for my asthma. Hope that makes sense?? Anyway, that particular inhalers is helping my asthma so that's all that matters!!!!

That is true if if makes you feel better what's the problem

Thank you all for your most valued input with my question.

I used to have Spiriva and it was great. Then the NHS took it off the list of drugs it supplies and changed it to something called Braltus. The surgery assured me it was *exactly* the same. Only it *isn't*. The Braltus powder is denser and I don't have the lung power to inhale it and it ends up coating the back of my tongue. The surgery isn't interested in me being able to breathe and have more or less said "well it's Braltus or nothing, unless you want a private prescription for the Spiriva, in which case, we can arrange that". All the asthma medication which has kept me alive for 40 years, is suddenly no longer available since Brexit according to the surgery. I have literally been struggling to breathe since December, and continuously on oral steroids and antibiotics. My brother who is also asthmatic, lives in France, and has no problems getting the medication.

Hi, my consultant recently suggested spiriva. I had difficulty with formoterol in fostair. She explained that the long acting bronchodilator in each of them acts in a different way.

She said that it’s known for COPD use, but that it’s used for asthma management too.

Take care everyone.

I’ve been on spiriva for a long time now alongside fostair for my asthma and I wouldn’t be without it now.

That is good news as I am on both fostairs for my problems plus a lot of other asthma medications

@I use a Spiriva Respimat , and Fostair NEXThaler and Uniphyllin continue Tablets and Salamol easybreath as as a salt and ventolin in the nebuliser the hospital supplied and most of the time my asthma and COPD is well controlled I have Antibiotics and steroids and Oxygen for emergencys but I see my chest consultant every 3months and I think the NHS has been wonderful to me , I've had Asthma since I was 3 and I'm 74 I've been in hospital 4 years ago with Pneumonia and they were brilliant to me , years ago I was in and out of hospital and the medication available was very limited and I was on a trial for both Salbutamol and Becotide and various other drugs .I was even in an Air-conditioned war they had for Asthma they got you well again in the ward and out you when in the freezing weather and thick fog ,and back you went to the ward .

Think how lucky we are to get these wonderful drugs

Wheesy in reply to hothands10

Good to hear that you have reached the fine age of 75, and I agree that without the NHS I would not have all the wonderful things that I have and be in debt to pay for my health

How are people still able to get Spiriva on the NHS when my surgery has told me it's no longer available on the NHS?

Interesting question. I also have it. It was prescribed by my consultant for asthma because I wasn’t doing well when I first saw him. It, and being started on Flutiform has changed my life. It is worth you asking the surgery and explaining that you are not managing on your current regime.

Lincolnlady in reply to fenny123

It does seem odd that you've been told its not available. I was only prescribed it for the first time in February this year so its strange if they've put me on an inhaler that shouldn't be available now.

Thanks for the reply sorry I forgot to mention that my medication has been altered and I can use my incruse elipsa and on alternative days use spiriva. At least I am now having less hospital admissions and went 10 weeks in between admissions, Hurray

Hi, I’ve been spiriva for a year now two puffs a day along with my seretide 250 powder inhaler two puffs a day. Both together have helped me loads and I hardly ever use ventolin now. They added the spiriva as the seretide wasn’t quite cutting it alone. I’d like to ease off them all but I’m nervous to.

Many thanks for your input with this. My specialist has a thing about stopping Ventolin as he says it causing deaths in asthmatics and so he has stopped me using Ventolin which I hardly used anyway. But one of the things some people are saying with regards to Spiriva is that it is no available via the NHS. I am still waiting for my prescription to be altered at my surgery, but it is Easter, and they will all be out looking for Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs, I presume.Keep Well and Stay Safe


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