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Covid vaccine anxiety


Hi everyone.

I am so anxious at the moment due to not knowing when I’ll receive that vaccine. I’m aware that I’ve ‘only’ got mild asthma but I’m worried that I’ll be one of the last to get it. Having the vaccine would give me piece of mind and ease my anxiety a little bit. I’ve contacted my doctors and asked if there’s a list I could be put on if people decline their vaccine, but they just said I have to wait to be invited.

Is anyone else in the same boat? Would be nice to know I’m not alone.

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Completely agree, I'm 20 so if I don't get a vaccine due to asthma I will definitely be the bottom of the list. Which is making me quite worried, I live with a hospital doctor.

I have seen people say they have got the vaccine already when they take significantly less medication than I do (I am very happy for them, just confused).

GreyLady25 in reply to Bea2000

Oh bless you, I can definitely understand your concern aswell. I’m 25 so we are sort of in the same age bracket! Surely we still have some sort of priority even if we are in the last group?

So have I! Exactly I’m not mad at anyone for having it before me as everyone has a right to have it if they want it, but its a bit frustrating not knowing when it’ll be our turn. I think a lot of it is down to the area you live in, which again isn’t fair at all! I hope you get to have yours soon x

Bea2000 in reply to GreyLady25

I hope you get yours soon too!! Xx

And also seeing people turning it down all over the news and we're here practically begging to have it!

GreyLady25 in reply to Bea2000

Thank you lovely! Xx

Yes! That’s another thing that makes my blood boil 😩

Bea2000 in reply to GreyLady25

Have you seen asthma UK have had to put a petition on their website asking the government to please take asthma seriously (its crazy they even have to do that).

GreyLady25 in reply to Bea2000

Yes I have, I’ve signed and shared. It is ridiculous like you said that they even had to do that in the first place, the government should take it seriously anyway! X

Yeah, many of us are in the same boat unfortunately.

I'm 29, asthmatic (symbicort, montelukast, but not steroid tablets so not CEV) and i'm of the same mind as you, seems crazy that we're probably pretty low down the list.

But we will get vaccinated this year, the end is in sight. Hang in there!

Is not even this year. All adults should be inoculated by end July.

Yeah, I didn't want to put too fine a date on it, don't want to get my hopes up!

That’s what being said in the news and government announcements. But some areas are able to move faster than that.

Sorry to hear you’re in the same boat! It is pretty crazy when you think about it.

That’s true 😊 let’s hope it’s soon!

I’m sure it won’t be long , the government are saying all adults done by July ... I had my first dose beginning of February, I’m in the CEV category...

GreyLady25 in reply to Mark-f

I hope not! Glad to hear that you’ve had your first dose 😊

I am 55, asthmatic and take montelukast and fostair, as well as a top up if ventolin. I have bee told group 8, so looking towards the end of March/beginning April. I just find it amazing that as it is a respiratory disease, asthmatics aren't being treated first, but someone with a high BMI is. Hopefully soon!🤞

twinkly29 in reply to garywake

It's not as simple as that though. Initially they assumed it was a respiratory virus but it was new and they had no idea. It's since thought that it's more a systemic/vascular disease, probably hence why it's not affecting people with asthma and other respiratory conditions as they thought it might. Hence the change in vulnerability since March last year. There will be respiratory elements to it but millions of viruses around might have a respiratory element but it doesn't mean asthmatics are more vulnerable to all of them.

garywake in reply to twinkly29

Thanks for that. I suppose for most asthmatics, we see patients struggling to breathe and on ventilators and assume that it we get covid, we will be in trouble. I know when I had flu in the past, my asthma was really bad.

twinkly29 in reply to garywake

Absolutely - and it's understandable that people would be concerned. Just so many people won't accept that knowledge changes and science moves on and it's not as simple as people making their own thoughts and sticking to them regardless (not you, but a lot of the population in general). Particularly confusing with flu too because everyone thinks flu and covid are similar - but flu is a virus that is confirmed to have respiratory effects and moreso in respiratory patients - hence the flu jab eligibility.

If only covid didn't even exist 😅

LysistrataCommunity Ambassador in reply to garywake

Agree with Twinkly on this - we do know more now than we did a year ago on how it works and who is more vulnerable. One of the things we now know is that high BMI does increase the risk of severe disease or death substantially, whereas the risk with asthma is much lower than expected (still some elevated risk with severe asthma hence some asthmatics being in group 4, but even that is not as high as expected).

At the start they obviously had to make some assumptions based on previous knowledge, but these have been changed as we got more data. For example, people with cancer are also not all at equal risk, since it appears blood cancers are higher risk than solid. That's presumably not explained by shielding, because most if not all people with cancer would have shielded anyway, and continue to do so as they are still at some risk. We also now know that people with Down syndrome are high risk due to their genetics - not something that could necessarily have been predicted at the start.

I understand that there are lots more people who are more at risk than myself, and who need the vaccine sooner. It’s more the frustration of being removed from priority group 6 and having no real clarity as to why.

LysistrataCommunity Ambassador in reply to GreyLady25

No I do get that, and I think they've made a massive mess of it all not communicating anything clearly or explaining the research properly!

I was more explaining to garywake why high BMI has been pushed ahead in the priority list, and why the respiratory element isn't the main thing - hope that makes sense!

Exactly, it just feels like the government have completely turned a blind eye on it which isn’t fair at all.

I understand why the high BMI has been prioritised, aswell as other health conditions. Like you said a year on we know more about it now. Yes it does - thank you 🙂

garywake in reply to Lysistrata

Thanks for the explanation.

I was incredibly lucky to have received my first Pfizer dose in early January as I work in a hospital, however I completely sympathise with you as I would definitely be in the same boat as you otherwise. All I can say is that everyone is working as quickly as they can so that everyone can get their vaccine, so just hold on tight - my fingers are crossed that you all manage to get your vaccines soon. xx

GreyLady25 in reply to itselenax

So glad that you managed to get your vaccine! Yes that’s very true - everyone is working very hard to make sure people get vaccinated asap so I’m trying to hold on. Thanks so much xx

This might not always work, but I took my wife to get her jab recently and as they were quiet she asked if I could get mine even though I’m not yet due and they took me straight in no questions asked. Just make sure if you try this to have your NHS number and ID. You need to fill in a short form first then next day get a text with the second appointment

GreyLady25 in reply to Gareth57

Wow that’s great that you managed to get the vaccine at the same time - that’s definitely worth keeping in mind so thank you. I asked my doctors to put me on a list if anyone cancels theirs so that’s another option for me now aswell 🙂

Hi, I feel the same, so anxious and checking the post hoping for the blue envelope each morning!

I’m 55 and had severe asthma as a child, moderate and controlled now on Clenil 200 and Ventolin if needed.

I sent a WhatsApp question to Asthma UK and they said as I have been admitted to hospital as a child I should still be in priority group 6 as it is any hospital admission for asthma in your lifetime and yet I am seeing online that GPs are telling people it has to be in the last year. I’ve asked for a telephone appointment with the asthma nurse to clarify with her but it’s not til 10 March.

Is Covid no longer being classed as a respiratory disease? I thought it had one of the SARS official names!

Hope you hear about your vaccination soon - all the best xx

GreyLady25 in reply to B2B1

Bless you - I’m so sorry that you’re in a similar position to myself. I hope that your telephone appointment with the nurse goes well and you manage to get your vaccine asap, thank you and you xx

I am 55. I had asthma all my life been in and out of hospital a number of times. Last year admitted with difficulty breathing. I have been on Symbicort for years. Last year I was given 4 courses of prendislone and antibiotics. I have had the flu jab for the last 30 years. I thought I would stand a good chance of getting the Covid vaccine. Oh how wrong was I. In Wales it is an absolute postcode lottery. There are people who getting the vaccine with no underlying health issues and younger than me. Apparently it is because they live close to a surgery or vaccination centre. Honestly I worked right through the Pandemic, my wife is a teacher who was told that she was having the vaccine only to be told there was none left. Hers was not the only school this happened to, to me it is a complete mess this vaccination programme. You cannot get an answer at my surgery because they do not know.

I’m so sorry to hear that. Honestly, it isn’t fair that where you live is a factor. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - I know there are people who need to be vaccinated before my self, that being age, health conditions etc. But what doesn’t sit right with me is, severe or not, asthma is still a respiratory disease and a risk. Surely we should have some sort of priority. Fingers crossed you get yours soon

Hi All

It’s good to know that I’m not alone in this (it’s sad too).

I’m a 31 year old with asthma since childhood. I take montelukast, symbicort and salbutamol to manage my asthma. I thought like many others that i’d be vaccinated in group 6 but the last minute U turn has left me anxious, angry and upset.

As someone whose asthma is triggered by viruses like flu and even the common cold I’m scared to think what Covid could do.

I want to know why are asthmatics prioritised for the annual flu jab but not for the Covid vaccine? It doesn’t make sense to me that an asthmatic is susceptible to serious illness from flu but not from Covid. As both are harmful respiratory viruses.

I have contacted my GP but I didn’t get anywhere. I have been told to wait for my ‘turn’.

So like many other asthmatics I will get the vaccine when others of my age group with no underlying health conditions get theirs. It’s a shame the govt just let asthmatics fall through the cracks.

GreyLady25 in reply to shus9299

I’m so sorry! I know exactly how you’re feeling, the frustration and anger is beyond me at this point. Like you my asthma is triggered by the common cold and flu, why is okay that we are prioritised for the flu jab but not covid? That is such a good question. My surgery still aren’t budging either despite me telling them that my mental health is extremely fragile at the moment. I won’t give up though. Hope you get yours soon x

shus9299 in reply to GreyLady25

Hi GreyLady25,

I have been contacting everyone and anyone who could help in this situation including my local MP. But I haven’t gotten anywhere :(After several emails and phone calls my local clinical commissioning group & GP and both have said they are just following government guidance and I’ll have to wait. Them responses just left me in tears and feeling so helpless. I can totally understand the mental struggle aspect, it has been horrible.

Unfortunately non severe asthmatics like us are not going to be prioritised because of the flawed ‘scientific evidence’ which ‘proves’ we’re not at more risk of dying from covid than non-asthmatics. I’m honestly worried they’re gonna take away the annual flu jab from us as well at this rate.

It’s such a shame to hear on the news that even severe asthmatics who do fall under the priority group are being refused vaccines by their GP. I hope they can sort out this whole mess.

It’s good you’re not giving up... The more of us that’ll keep asking questions and demanding an answer for this ridiculous government guidance the more they’ll be compelled to do something about it.

I hope you get your vaccine soon :)

GreyLady25 in reply to shus9299

That’s awful - it’s heartbreaking that no one seems to be listening to us. The thing is, I do understand that they are following ‘government guidelines’ but I just don’t think people understand the full frustration and upset of our situation - being chucked out of group 6.

It’s very sad to see that even severe asthmatics are being refused theirs too. We all have a right to have it, it’s horrible how we’ve been forgotten about. I am worried about the flu jab being taken away too.

That’s so true! I have been messaging my GP surgery all day and I’m not really getting anywhere. However they just said about dialling 119 so I might try that.

Thank you so much. I hope you get yours soon too :)

shus9299 in reply to GreyLady25

It is frustrating that no one understands our anger & disappointment over being kicked out of priority group 6. Comments like ‘you will get vaccinated eventually’ don’t help and just make it worse cos that’s not the point. The ‘government guidance’ is flawed that’s the whole argument. But others seem to think we’re trying to jump the queue.

I tried calling 119 as suggested by GP surgery. They couldn’t help me unfortunately. The GP seems to be full of suggestions for me to call/email this person n that. But the GPs themselves in this situation I have found are useless and seem unwilling to help. I do hope they can help you though as not everywhere is the same.

It’s nice to have this forum so at least we can talk to each other cos no else seems to understand.

Sorry to hear this. I am also very anxious about when I'll receive a vaccine. I'm 34 and had lots of flare ups the last few years and on high dose of medication... I recently made an appointment with my Asthma nurse specialist due to my current flare up. She checked my records and could see that I qualify to be added to group 6 due to my history of needing oral steroid tablets. However, she also also mentioned that they should take into account anyone on high dose inhalers when it comes to booking the vaccines (which sort of contradicts all the stuff we are reading about priority purely on age. Perhaps i miss understood her so please dont take my word for it). She also said that if your GP surgery is ahead of schedule then should get invited sooner, so hopefully that helps give you some peace of mind.... in my situation, I am unsure now when I will get invited for a vaccine and worried I may have missed my turn. I was also told that due to some people now receiving second doses, there could be a short delay.

shus9299 in reply to Jamesd1986

Hi Jamesd1986

I’m sorry that you are also in this situation.

It’s all messed up because the government decided to divide asthma in to 2 groups (severe and non-severe). Leaving it as just one (like with the flu jab) would’ve been easier & made more sense. But I’m guessing there’s some aspect of trying to spread out the doses by doing it this way.

A lot of asthma care nurses and doctors are following the government guidance despite finding it to be unfair and unfit as there’s nothing else they can do. There’s a lot of postcode lottery going on too with some areas inviting people sooner than others. I have also heard the vaccine rollout is going to slow as a lot more people will be coming in for their second doses.

If your asthma nurse has confirmed from your records that you do fall in to priority group 6, I advise you contact your GP practice and ask to be booked in rather than wait for an invite. I hope you get your vaccine soon :)

Jamesd1986 in reply to shus9299

Thank you. It is a very strange situation. After speaking with my nurse she did say she will add me to the list and I should hear back in a couple of weeks. I may be a little paranoid but I’m reluctant to contact my GP in any way , I don’t trust any of them, after having some bad experiences and I don’t want them to see that I’ve been added to the list due to my 3 courses of steroids tablets in 2017 and then decide to take me off the list because it wasn’t within the last year. I saw news stories about GPs doing this and it has made me lose trust in them. Much better to deal with asthma specialists , so perhaps I will try that again soon as a follow up to my new medication and allergy tests I should be getting.

Many thanks

shus9299 in reply to Jamesd1986

If you’ve been added to the list already then you’re right there’s no need to contact your GP. If you don’t hear anything in the next few weeks contact your asthma nurse who added you to the list. Hopefully you will be invited and it wont come to that.

I’ve seen the stories on the news too. I totally understand the anxiety you have from the chance of being removed from the priority list.

It’s horrible that our GPs are not on our side in this situation.

Jamesd1986 in reply to shus9299

thanks for your help. My asthma nurse did ask me to get back in touch to follow up on a new inhaler im taking, due to current flare up needing reliever most nights. She has been very helpful and offered to get me reffered to an allergy specialist. I have just send a follow up email to my doctors surgery that has been sent to a 'clinician'. Hopefully I will her back some more info by my asthma nurse and the GP wont try to take me off of the priority group 6. I can't see why they would, but I am worried about them after all the stuff I've heard in the news. Asthma nurses seem to be a bit more helpful.

I’m so sorry to hear that. That is interesting information to know so thank you for letting me know. My fingers are crossed for you that you get yours very soon!

thank you, i hope you do too

Hello, just a quick update to say I received my vaccine today! I’m pretty sure it’s because I spoke to my asthma nurse and she checked my records that I’d had 3 courses of oral steroids to qualify for group 6, yet my GP hadn’t flagged this up. So definitely worth contacting your asthma nurse or GP to check. Good news also is that in the news I’ve seen they are now ramping up vaccines for next couple months. Potentially vaccinating people in their 30s by April time. My wife is 29 and hoping to be vaccinated before summer. Fingers crossed you get yours soon

Ahhh that’s amazing, congrats!! So pleased for you :) I’m glad that your asthma nurse listened to you, I actually managed to book my vaccine the other day (after weeks of trying to get it through to my GP about having it) I wasn’t getting anywhere.

They eventually told me to call 119 and I explained my situation, and was able to book it up. I also heard that about ramping up the vaccines which is great news.

Fingers crossed that your wife gets hers soon too :) mine is booked for the 22nd. All the best.

Brilliant news. So good to hear !

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