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Blurry vision


I’m feeling a bit aaaggghhh because my vision is getting much more blurry and I can’t work out if it’s any of my inhalers...Fostair 200/6 , Spireva or Alvesco, or if it’s diabetes related...or I’m just getting older...42.

I have booked an eye test which is in a few weeks time and they are going to do a scan but I’m worried if it’s my inhalers that it’ll have a long term affect on my sight😕

Lol...excuse any typos here...because I can’t se properly to text!


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I developed cataracts due to steroids (long term use high dose before anyone reading panics thinking the odd course will do that). The optician will pick those up if that's the case (they're a particular kind I think as they know by looking if they're age related or steroid induced). Mine were manageable for several years (carried on as normal although they twiddled the axis of my glasses lenses to reduce glare or something) and then last year I had 2 lots of cataract surgery.

Of course there are all sorts of reasons why your vision might be dodgy, especially being diabetic - so it might not be that!

madonbrew in reply to twinkly29

Thank you Twinkly!

I’ve been getting myself in a tis about it. Sorry to hear the problems steroids have caused you! They are a nightmare for side effects aren’t they!

I’ve got a phone call appointment with my GP on Monday so will have a chat with her about it...if I remember among my list of 10000 other things 😂 Maybe I better write it down!

I think my diabetic eye test is due in November...hopefully between that and the scan they’ll be able to tell if something is wrong or if it’s just me panicking!

Hope you’re doing ok and keeping out of hospital?!

Dee x😊

Poobah in reply to madonbrew

Definitely highlight your blurry vision at your Monday appointment, how long you've had it/how quickly it came on & if it's getting worse. Even though you have an eye test booked, your doctor maybe able to bring that forward. Spiriva can cause a range of side effects and there are other LAMA inhalers available. So you could try a different inhaler and see if that your eye sight improves.

I was 42 when I reluctantly got my first reading glasses. My eyes were fine but my arms were no longer long enough. 😘 I had no health issues then whatsoever. I think that can be just the age when the lens starts becoming less elastic.

My optometrist gave herself astigmatism in one eye by sleeping with one eye unknowingly partly open, squashed in the pillow. That makes eyesight blurry. She got eyedrops and a new pillow and her eyesight returned to normal.

It isn't necessarily something to panic about, but it's always best to get checked out if you notice any changes.

Thank you Airisunderrated!

It could well just be my age huh! My sister who’s 7 years older would say so! Although she has NO sympathy to I’ll health at all! I think I’m just nervous because all my inhalers say they could cause eye 👁 problems and diabetes can too.

Like I just said to Twinkly, I’ve got an appointment with my GP on Monday & have booked an eye test& scan...not until November though.

Thank you as always for your reply!

Hope you’re ok too?

November is only 2.5 weeks away. 😳😄

🥰Breathing’s good, just fighting a migraine today but managing OK.

I’ve been reading the new Covid guidelines on the government website and it seems to imply that asthmatics are now in the same category as 70+ and pregnant women. In my work that means working from home or isolating. I’m not going to point this out to the management because we’re frantically short-staffed already.

Oh no...migraines are terrible! Hope you’ve got some good pain killers!

Hmm,I’ll have to take a look at the guidelines! I’m sure I’ve asked before, but what do you do for work again?

Sumatriptan is the only thing that works for me, but it does work. Thank goodness!

I'm a care navigator at a doctor's surgery.

Tell me again what you do?

Oh that sounds interesting! Do you enjoy it?

I’m currently unemployed...I was a carer in a nursing home before shielding but my consultant said he doesn’t want me to go back into that job because I have too many high risk things...I also have a rare autoimmune disease called IgG4 systemic disease...caused chronic pancreatitis...which has caused the diabetes...possibly along with steroids, and I have chronic kidney failure. They treat it with immuno suppressant drugs, so altogether my health is a bit rubbish. And to top it all, I have this rash on my got 6-8 weeks of antibiotics for it & my eyes are going blurry😢 I’ve been feeling really stressed this last week. Had not great blood results and they’ve sent me in a spiral.

Sorry for the outpouring!!!

Dee x

I love it. It’s fascinating and I love helping people. 👍🏻

Oh that stinks for you. I’m so sorry Dee - these things always seem to come in batches don’t they? If your immune system is low then you pick up all the yuck that’s around. Oh well, I suppose the only way is up. 🤞🏻Virtual hugs! 🤗

Thank you 😊 Usually I am fine dealing with it all but for some reason these results got me like a brick. They weren’t awful, just not really great either. It’s chronic...I’ve got sick at 19, so I’m used to it, but just every now and then it gets on top of me.

I’m quite prone to chest and sinus infections...they are my biggest trigger for crazy asthma attacks.

Thank you for your lovely messages! 😊

Dee xxx

Which guidance is this? All I can see is the updated shielding/extremely vulnerable guidance (as of 15 Oct) which has the same categories in it as before, so severe asthma is in that but it was before as well? Might be being dim though 😅


I got cataracts in both eyes almost certainly due to using a Seretide inhaler.

I had one eye sorted last year, the other is still bearable.

I’ve only been an asthma sufferer for 5 years and using the seretude almost that long.

Good luck 😉


Sorry for taking ages to reply! Wow yes, 5 years isn’t long hey! Glad you managed to get one sorted& hopefully the other one will be ok for some time yet! Hmm, all these meds hey!

Hello 🐻

I recently found out from someone here at the asthma site that Spiriva can caused blurred vision. I first had Spiriva a little over two years ago and thought it was great apart from some side effects that I could put up with. But after several months I was getting terrible nausea and headaches and stopped taking it. I started taking it again in February this year, but the headaches and nausea started again and I stopped taking it just a few days ago. I also had blurred vision in my right eye, which I hadn’t connected to the inhaler until I read comments to that effect here. I’m hoping all these things will start to improve now I’ve stopped the Spiriva. But I can’t be certain that’s the cause, and I wouldn’t like to say it’s your inhaler causing your vision problems but it could be the Spiriva. Hopefully your eye test will be able to give you some answers 🤞

Are your headaches better now and nausea?

The nausea is somewhat better, the blurry vision is improved, the headaches are still terrible but less frequent, so hopefully things will continue to improve, assuming it was all caused by Spiriva, which I think it is, having had the same problems the previous time and also reading other people’s similar experiences here.

That’s a relief those things are improving! How about your breathing?

I’ll ask my GP on Monday about this!

The breathing isn’t so good but the Spiriva didn’t seem to help as much as it had the first time I used it. Maybe I should eat more Haribo, they’re the best remedy 🦄

Oh that’s’s possible because I’ve had it a while. I could ask my GP if we can somehow do a process of elimination! 😀 It’s hard to know when there are so many possibilities. I’ve been really stressed...hence the Haribo! 😂

Hi Dee

I had treatment for steroid induced cataracts last year. They build quite quickly once they start, apparently have a ‘bullseye’ appearance on eye examination rather than patchy areas that eventually join up for old age cataracts.

But treatment is the same, replacement lens in your eye. Super outcome, took a while to settle fully but almost perfect vision afterwards. Just need specs for reading now, and was wearing them full time. Great success.

If you’ve got cataracts developing, lights while driving, or street lights after dark, will seem to dazzle you, as well as reducing vision. Don’t remember a blurry feel though.

Best to get it sorted. I’d like to say I’ve stopped the steroids, steroid inhaler etc but can’t really can we? Good news is the new lenses are not affected by steroids, so for eyes, hopefully that’s that.

Good luck! Hope you get it sorted soon 👁👁 xx

madonbrew in reply to Yatzy

Thank you Yatzy! Sorry for taking a while to reply! Sorry you’ve had eyes problems too due to steroids! All these meds hey!

I’ve got an eye test booked soon& my diabetes eye 👁 test is due in November I think 🤔

I almost felt like just stopping all my meds the other day..the whole lot of them...but I didn’t 😂 ...thought I better not!

Take care Yatzy!

Yatzy in reply to madonbrew

Yes, I really do know how you feel, Dee. Then I decide I really do have to breathe as easily as possible, so on we go!

Stay safe 🌹xx

Aww Dee, you dont half go through it lovely. A few days ago I would have said see your diabetic nurse or gp as cant delay with diabetes. But having had these discussions about spiriva in the last few days just wowzers!!! The side effects are quite awful for some not all and seem to creep up for some not all.

I didn't realise I was having side effects until that con stopped it and I happened to read someone's post and it all started to make sense!!!

SOB, fast heart rate, severe headache sometimes resulting in migraine, numbness, also sight bit funny. 8 days off spiriva I managed to carry baby upstairs again 😁😁 slept for an hr after but small steps 😂🤣. Nose also not so inflamed. It's a miracle inhaler for some though. Like everything affects people differently. Are your b.m's more stable again? As that really could have triggered your sight. I dont even know if I've made sense another night min sleep!!! Lol x

Hi there,

I just sent a reply to you but I think I sent it to twinkly instead! DOH! I’ve not been sleeping well & brain not in gear so I’m assuming that’s why. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️😂

I was just saying that I am so glad you’re having your eyes checked soon because as others have already said there are these particular cataracts which are directly caused by the long term use of high dose steroids.

They’re called posterior sub capsular cataracts and are much more dense than the cataracts caused by old age.

I had them in both eyes and my optician said mine were so bad that I needed surgery as soon as possible.

I wasn’t able to drive & kept seeing halos around any lights and these starbursts which was very odd.

Had to have the surgery done privately as the waiting lists for NHS were absolutely horrendous in my area.

I know that some asthma medication like certain inhalers can also cause blurred vision & it may not be these cataracts at all.

Good luck for your eye tests next month & I hope all is well 👍

Sorry for taking a while to reply but thank you for your message!

Aww no, that’s rubbish isn’t it....bless you! So tricky when you need treatment for one thing then it causes something else! How are your eyes now?

My eyes are blurry especially my left one and I have diabetes and had a diabetic retinopathy scan and awaiting the results my dad has also got diabetes and has lost sight in his left eye through glucoma the opticians only check the lens of your eye but the back of the eye the retina the retinopathy scan is for the retina needs blood to keep it going and if there is a issue with the eyes as sometimes not enough blood gets to the retina then it becomes damaged so ask your nurse or gp for one they sent me a letter to have one as soon as they found out I was diabetic

madonbrew in reply to Cooper1508

Thanks Cooper...I will see if I can get a scan done! When do you get your results? Hope it’s a positive result for you!

Hi, I suffered exactly the same problem when I first started fostair 100/6,I spoke to my pharmacist who told me to take 1 puff twice a day and not 2x a day I’ve been spot on ever since😁 hope this helps

madonbrew in reply to Matty77

Hi Matty,

Goodness, it’s crazy how many of these meds can affect the eyes isn’t it! Glad that was helpful for you...hopefully your asthma stayed ok too!

I’ve got an eye test booked and will see what they say but will try and speak to my asthma nurse too.

🙂Take care!


Hi Dee. Lots of reasons I think for your blurry vision. Eyesight changes over time. My optician used to laugh at me as for a few years I was always there saying my visions not right and he was having to change my prescription Blood sugar changes vision but he told me it usually rights itself fairly quickly. Maybe your Haribo has affected you 🤔 😀. I have 2 completely different visions left and right but together work quite well. Short sighted in left and long in right. I too have had some blurred vision recently and have an irritating left eye twitch which is driving me mad and also have that age related detachment going on so flashes of coloured lights when in the dark.

Hope you get your vision sorted soon. Take care. Our eyes are so precious. Xx Anita

Thank you!

My diabetes consultant is going to ring me later as I was in a right tiswoz with everything last night and sent her an email. She is sooo lovely! I feel really blessed to have such an awesome diabetic consultant!

Will update you all later!

I wish it were the Haribo 😂...but it’s been like it for a while. I think what upset me was the other day I went to do a cross stitch and I could hardly see to do it, even with my glasses. I sometimes see stars ✨ I have an annual diabetic eye test which I think is due soon but it feels like they’re getting worse quickly.

Thank you for your reply!

Dee x

My sympathies. I’ve had a number of issues over the past two or three years relating to my eyes but no one yet has put any of them down to inhalers or even suggested a connection (though all those who have treated me for them are aware of the meds I’m on). My age and the fact that I’ve been identified as having a condition that affects the collagen in my body (makes it more elastic) are both currently under suspicion as causes. Very dry eyes, blepharitis, keratitis and, most recently, being checked out for the sudden appearance of flashing lights at the outer corner of one eye (nothing to do with migraines because I don’t get those) have all caused problems. That’s on top of being short sighted and having astigmatisms.

madonbrew in reply to MaggieHP

Aww no Maggie, that sounds awful! Really hope they can get to the bottom of it soon!

Isn’t it strange...i can see my mob well enough to be able to write this now, but other days couldn’t at all. Actually I get dry eyes too...they always feel really gritty...well more so my right eye 👁

Hmm, lots of interesting feedback here! I’ll keep you all updated!

Take care! 😊

Dee x

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