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Self isolation and mepo


Hi there

Does the self isolation apply to those of us who have mepo injections every four weeks? I would really appreciate some clarity around this as a front line worker within the NHS.

Keep safe everyone

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador

Self Isolation (and by this rn they mean social distancing) applies to any severe asthmatic. Those on biologicals are classed as severe asthmatics. So yes mepo counts...

Margerita in reply to EmmaF91

Thank you 😊

I think we are all a bit in the dark at the moment. I imagine you will be one of the people contacted next week.

I am assuming we will get more precise information in the daily briefings the pm is now giving. I would hope so. GP ‘s are probably being inundated by patients ringing up seeking advice.

I would assume that your injections will continue.

Margerita in reply to Troilus

Thank you

My work asked me to ring my drs for clarity on whether im in the at risk category and he said anyone taking regular meds for their asthma will be in it and i have to follow any gov and workplace advice given although if i have to self isolate im worried about my finances and mental health as ive just gone back to work after 3mths of with depression 😟😟

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