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Asthma attack recovery help


4 days ago I had a bad asthma attack after many years of being ok. Triggered by not taking Quva & acid reflux attack. Prescribed 7 day antibiotics & 8 tabs oral steroid for 7 days. Chest still tight if I do anything but sit still. Ventolin regularly. It's not been this bad since I was a child. I'm mid 40s now not overweight. I'm very allergic - dogs/cats but manage this with antihistamine. Usually fit and active. I guess i'm looking for reassurance as am a little scared. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Am on qvar and bricanyl for asthma reduced my qvar as I was doing ok but this winter which is unusually mild got a sudden asthma attack out of the blue. A relative had been staying with me over Xmas period and had flu so I suppose that did not help.

I know how you feel have increased qvar to recommended dose and using bricanyl . It can knock your confidence. Was also put on 10 days course of antibiotics which is helping. I put some Vicks on my feet at night and put a pair of socks on. Hope this post helps you.

If you have pets - cat/dog - try being away from them for a while and see if you improve. See if you can stay with a pet-free friend or relative. It may be that the antihistamine is no longer as effective for you. In any case, it would be interesting to see if that is the case or not. If you think the reflux is the cause for your current situation, you'll need more tests to find out what is going on.

Hello.....I had similar last month following the flu jab after years of being OK. It really terrified me but the paramedics were so so wonderful. I had a week off work ( which probably wasnt enough) and I am still slowly getting back into my fitness routine again but its been hard. I also have pet allergies and its so hard as my daughter has a horse. I am wheezy if she comes near me after going to the stables. Its a constant battle. So essentially I am just saying it takes a while, I suggest carry on resting and being reviewed by your GP, although I dont have much experience to advise as not had an attack since being a child. I am also sending a hug as its so hard.

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Poor you. I'm super allergic to horses too as well as cats/dogs. Improving a little day by day. At least I can talk more to my kids before becoming 'tight' even if it ends in coughing. Thanks for the reassurance. This whole thing has really shaken me up. I can't imagine not being able to do everything I used to do.

I am the same I manage my asthma very well. I've had a week of anties. Now I'm on my 2nd week of prendisilone. I can't figure out I feel tight chested the wheezing is better than it was.not coughing much up. But find it hard to do a lot at the moment.. any advice would be

I feel for you. Rubbish isn't it? I've read that drinking lots of water is good. Also green tea, hot baths and lots of rest in a non dusty/damp environment. I'm going to ask dr tomorrow about Montelukast. Good luck.

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