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Saline nebs when ill


Anyone else here use saline nebs when they’re ill? They don’t help my bronchi to open up or anything but they make it easier to cough properly. They were recommended to me a few hospital stays back just for when I’ve got a cold or I’m in a flare or something but it occurs to me it’s not a common thing for asthma!

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I have been nebbing hypertonic (6%) saline every day for several years now... and my diagnosis is asthma with hypersecretions??!! But basically asthma 😜..!!

I am supposed to do it twice daily but don’t always have the time.

I find that it helps to keep mucus (sp?) at bay by helping me to cough it up. The problem can be though as an asthmatic that if your airways are twitchy then it can set off an attack ... so I neb salbutamol at the same time to prevent this...

It is a little unorthodox but I find that it helps particularly when I have a cold/infection as it keeps my airways moist..?

Hopefully that is of a bit of use to you... but you are right it is not standard practise I think. Hopefully it will work for you (like me!) - good luck!!😊😊


Thanks! I find mine doesn’t irritate me much but when I came out of hospital a couple of years back after it was suggested, and the GP prescribed it, they prescribed only the 0.9% solution which is weaker than what I used in hospital so I have to do a couple at a time. It helps a bit though, it feels like it ‘loosens things up’ which is pretty much the point!

I use saline along with 5mg salbutomol nevs every 4 hours been on these for 2 years now but needin more nebs inbetween due to not gettin relief from them unfoetunately saline nebs do nothin for me on there own

What else are you on, if you don’t mind me asking?

My list of meds

Flixotide 500 accuhaler

Seretide 500 accuhaler

Braltus zonda inhaler

Salbutomol inhaler

Uniphyllin 500mg twice daily

25mg prednisolone daily for past 3 yrs

Carbocisteine 750mg 3 times daily

Montelukast 10mg at night

Azythromycin 250mg 3 times a week

Dymista nadsl spray twice a day

Fenofexadine at night 120mg

Chlorphenamin 4mg every 4 hours

Ocycodone 5mg every 12 hours

Lansoprazole 30mg daily

Gabapentin 900mg 3 times daily

Temazepam 10mg at night

Mirtazepine45mg at night

Gliclazide 40mg daily (steoid induced diabetes)

Colecalciferol two tablets daily

Alendronic acid 70mg once weekly

Ventolin nebules 5mg every 4 hours also prn

Quite a lot to take every day lol and my brittle asthma still not co trolled starting mepolizumab injections monday and then trying bronchual thermoplasty onto my fourth week of antibiotics as i am growing pseudomonus and haemophilus influenzae in my sputum due to a nasty chest infection plus upped my steroids to 50mg now but always on my maintenance dose anyway of 25mg


Hi I use saline nebs only when I’ve got an infection and need help coughing up the mucus. Other than I use salbutamol nebs (2.5-5mg) for my asthma if I need too. If I’ve just got an asthma flare saline nebs can make me decline further.

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