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Asthma attack follow up?

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Hello, This is my first time posting here. I am admin from the running forums as I am an Uber keen runner on a run streak of 663 today ( if I manage to get out).

I am an asthmatic having very bad asthma as a child linked with allergies and could never go on school trips etc. As an adult I like to think I’m well managed and my running makes a huge difference.

However yesturday I had my first attack in 15 years. My inhalers did nothing, and my husband called 111 and they sent an ambulance. The paramedics were amazing, they stayed ages, gave me a nebuliser and wanted to take me to ED as my PF didn’t get better. They felt it was a reaction to the flu jab I’d had on Friday.

My husband ended up taking me to ED and by the time I saw the doctor I was a lot better and he just discharged me.

So my question is I wondered if anyone else had had a bad reaction to the flu jab? Also should I have a follow up with the asthma nurse. I’m taking a couple of days off work as I’m still feeling crap but not sure of next steps if any after having the attack?

Any advice is most welcome,


Julia 😺

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador

Hi Julia

Sorry to hear you haven’t been well!

After an attack it’s always advised to follow up with your GP (usually within 2 working days). This usually is just to keep them in the loop, as it’s your first issue in years, however they’ll want to know, just in case this is the start of a spiral 😒

Personally I ended up in hosp a few days after my flu jab however I was only a couple of weeks out of hosp, on steroids and symptomatic (I’m severe and when flu jab is due it’s at a time I always flare 🙄😒)

I hope that helps and that you’re felling better now x

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ju-ju- in reply to EmmaF91

Thankyou so much, I couldn’t get through to the doctors today so I will try again tomorrow. Gosh that is so tough, will you continue with the flu jab next year? I’m inclined not to if it does this again... I do hope you are feeling better x

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to ju-ju-

Yes I’ll still get my flu jab, I’ll just be more picky about when I have it. If I’m on pred higher than my maintenance dose, or if I’m symptomatic I’ll put it off!

I’m mostly fine now, and a lot better than the previous few years! Good luck getting through tomorrow x

Hi - one of the reasons I started running with C25K was to improve my asthma, which is more or less controlled (I haven't had an attack in years but do often feel like something very heavy is compressing my chest...) - I had my flu jab & it didn't make any difference to me at the time. However, I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that I'm having more of an issue running (re breathing) - I have been assuming that it is the weather, but really don't know...

I would go to the Dr just for follow up, however, my doctor doesn't really seem to be able to do much & the good asthma nurse left our surgery leaving behind someone far less qualified...

Feel better soon xxx

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ju-ju- in reply to SuzyKK

Oh what a shame about the asthma nurse. I have to admit our one spent more time telling me about herself rather than discussing my asthma 😳 is it very cold where you are? I find my asthma is worse if I run in v cold air, a buff over the nose really helps for a bit but then I get a bit suffocated...!! I hope it improves soon and I am so glad running has helped your asthma 😺

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SuzyKK in reply to ju-ju-

thanks - Ju-Ju- - yes hope your improves quickly too - it's not that cold, but I guess it's colder then the beautiful warm weather we did have till so recently & also, I think although I love the Autumn colours, I think the must, damp, decaying leaves etc affect me too... still - running in the sunshine, even when cold is wonderful!

every time i got the flu jab i got the flu and a check infection after it

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ju-ju- in reply to Gerl

Gosh that’s grim, when you google side effects etc none of that come up. I do hope you are feeling better?

Hi Ju-Ju, I'm crossing forums here. Sorry to hear about your asthma attack. It must've been very frightening. How you're getting over it now. I had a flu jab on Sat morning & ran 8k Sunday morning. It was dry & fairly mild but just in case I took a puff of ventolin before I started. I was really surprised that whenever I paused to read an info panel by the canal I became very wheezy & tight chested. It subsided as I found my rhythm again but I felt tight chested for the rest of the day & again today. I didn't link it to the jab at the time but colleagues have also had the jab & felt under the weather so I wonder now if it did affect me. I usually only get wheezy on cold, damp days. Hope you can see an asthma nurse & are ok. X

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ju-ju- in reply to Slinkymalinki

I think alot of people seemed to get affected by the jab.....and thankyou i am much improved now :)

Definitely follow up with the asthma nurse. It’s a hard question to answer to the flu vaccine. If you get flu then your asthma will be affected yet if you have the vaccine some people react as well.

I guess it’s about doing what you feel is right for you

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ju-ju- in reply to Wheezer2018

Thankyou, i did....

Hi ,

I've stopped having the flu jab because it always makes me ill. I can't say it's the same for you, but I know other people who have the same reaction. I guess it's up to you to make the decision whether to carry on having it in future of not.Sorry, it's not a helpful reply.

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ju-ju- in reply to mintypol

I am not sure if I will next year. Right now I am thinking not to.... That is a helpful reply and I had no idea how it affects people with asthma until now.

I most definitely have the flu jab. These days I seem to get so extremely unwell from just a normal cold and ending up with prednisolone and antibiotics (standard fare for many) and the thought of getting flu really does worry me. Having had proper flu a few times in my life I know how awful it is. I really don’t want it. I am lucky, so far I have been fine with the jab, though prepared I could react, so I time it as carefully as I can, but would be far more worried not taking it at all.

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ju-ju- in reply to Wheezycat

That sounds very sensible :)

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Wheezycat in reply to ju-ju-

What have you decided to do?

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ju-ju- in reply to Wheezycat

I doubt I will have it again next year as there is no way I want to get that ill again.....

Is it worth checking out which vaccine you had as there are more than one, and also what medium (or whatever it is called) it was in. I know as I as an over 65 person had a particular one, different from younger people’s. My thought is that if you are allergic, could it also be possible you reacted on something the vaccine was grown in (or however they do it these days - often was hens’ eggs in the past at least) . Whether you decide to have it next year or not perhaps it is useful for you to know?

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ju-ju- in reply to Wheezycat

Thankyou so much thats really helpful...I will look into that :)

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