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Update on sister


Hi. My sister has had a infection which caused her asthma to be bad. She has had 2 lots of steroids and antibiotics. She is recovering now. She went to see respiratory nurse who told her she is producing too many white blood cells and there is nothing my sister or the hospital can do about it. She went to hospital yesterday to see specialist. When she got there she saw respiratory nurse again not specialist and was told there was nothing they can do for her. She is very upset.

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What exactly do they mean by nothing they can do for her? My son has a high white cell count and has done ever since he had chronic fatigue syndrome in his mid teens. It is always picked up when he has blood tests but it doesn't seem to affect him. He is also asthmatic but it makes no difference to his asthma.

I have eosinophilic asthma (as well as atopic), so I have too many white blood cells attacking my lungs, triggering attacks. Steroids and antibiotics can also increase WBC count.

For my asthma I’ll be getting biological treatment (mepolizumab) which is in essence meant to slowly reduce WBC production. Have to go to a specialist resp hosp for it but hopefully it’ll be worth it. The problem comes if I’m ill cause then I can’t have it... there’s also a criteria you have to meet to get it, ie not smoking etc

Not sure if the nurse was saying WBC was high due to illness or asthma, but if it’s asthma you can ask for more treatment/referral to tertiary centre

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Hi. That's the asthma what the respiratory nurse told my sister she had. Eosinophilic.

Surely something can be done as asthma is very common disease. Maybe your sister should consider consulting different respiratory nurse.

If I were you I'd be making a fuss until you see somebody who can explain this to you and her properly, and preferably a consultant. No fuss = no result in my experience, sadly!

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