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Why if you have nausea from acid reflux does eating (temporary) help?


I have had acid reflux off and on for 2 years or more. Now it's acute and won't response to anti acid medication so having an endoscopy next Wednesday.

So in the beginning I thought the nausea it was something I ate. Eating something again helped temporary not to feel sick.So why does it help?

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador

The food gives your stomach acid something to do, and may have temporarily mildly lowered its pH. Also a ‘weight‘ is your stomach may have stretched it enough to ‘close’ the top sphincter a bit more through tension (like pulling on an elasticated draw string bag - pull it and it tightens, release and it relaxes slightly). A full stomach means ‘overflow’ but just a little food would work. It could be that the muscle there isn’t working at 100% so needed the ‘weight’ to fully close it (maybe 🤷‍♀️😅)

Hope your endoscopy goes well, and you get answers that lead to treatment!



If you are on facebook there is a GERD & LPR group that might be able to help you. facebook.com/groups/7568595...

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