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Adult-onset asthma


I'm a 51 year old previously fit healthy active woman. Since October 2017 my health started to decline rapidly starting with anemia, weight loss, chronic fatigue then kidney function decline then being diagnosed with stomach lesions (gerd) diverticuli, uterine fibroid, gallstones, abnormal echocardiogram showing something around my heart etc etc etc the list goes on lol.

Over the last few years or so I have also noticed that I would wake occasionally with breathlessness. I also noticed I was getting a lot of stuffiness in my nose even without a cold. My sinuses would be constantly blocked up from Early Autumn until summer. Then a few months ago I noticed that I would occasionally get breathless walking or going upstairs. Then last month out of the blue I suddenly became really breathless. I went to the doctors the next day and he gave ventolin which didn't seem to work. I spent the next month constantly struggling for breath, feeling like I was slowly suffocating for hours on end, letting go of its grip for a few hours and then coming on again for another few hours until I got my appointment through for my lung function test. My lung function test was normal so she prescribed me clenil modulite steroid inhaler and within 3 days I could breath again. I can't tell you the relief I felt after a month of constant struggle with weight loss and feeling extremely tired from trying to take a breath.

Can anyone relate to these symptoms of adult onset asthma. I know I have to see a cardiologist for my heart but my breathing is now normal again and could gerd be causing my symptoms because every now and again I get slight burning in my throat? Waiting to get answers is taking too long?

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Gerd can make asthma worse, so you need to take it under control. If you feel better with Clenil, it looks like it's asthma.

Hi Angie2020 I was also 51 when I was diagnosed with severe asthma and like you was very healthy. I used to be a gymnast and teach step aerobics and was extremely positive about life. I have never smoked and drink in moderation 😉. I think my positive mental attitude is the thing that has kept me going over the last two years. I nearly died in hospital and spent most of 2016 in hospital 🤦‍♀️. However I am now on Mepolizumab and have been for 12 months and am so well. I sometimes have to pinch myself 🤞. Unfortunately it is a long drawn out process and we all know the limited resources that the NHS have. This is not an excuse for poor treatment but in order to come to terms with that you will never be the same you have to be pragmatic about this. I complained to everyone and was painful during the first year. I was so scared and frightened inside but refused to let it control me. I am a strong, powerful woman who knows what is right and I was determined to ensure that they gave me the right treatment. I suggest that you just persist in getting answers. I rang my consultants secretary so often that she must have dreaded answering the phone. Well what else can you do when you are confined to a chair when you can’t even walk to the toilet 😂😂......... I have started going to Yoga now and am amazed at how well my body remembers (muscle memory) and accepts the postures 👍. I will never be the same but I will be stronger and wiser 🙏. My thoughts are with you. Keep in touch and let me now how you get on x


I have silent reflux which is causing breathlessness which is not asthma as my peak flow is normal and my inhalers dont give me proper relief. reflux can cause upper airway problems like VCD.

Yes, I had GORD diagnosed many years ago and then was diagnosed with various allergies. Started getting out of breath and had chest pain so was referred to cardiolgy and apart from raised blood pressure and positive stress test the angiogram was clear. Fortunatley made an appointment with GP and he did a peak flow, which was very low and listened to my chest and I was diagnosed as having asthma age 52. I take medication daily for reflux which does help as well as for asthma. GORD can aggravate asthma symptoms.

It is worth persisting until you feel that you have all the answers you need and can manage your health as well as possible. If you have unexpected weight losswhich continues you should also have routine blood test and investigation of any other symptoms. Don't be afraid to go back to GP even if you are waiting for further investigations.

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