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Severe Refractory Eosinophilic Asthma - the next chapter: My Story

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My story is similar to a lot of people with SREA. I was finally diagnosed in 2016 with this life changing disease after making 5 appearances at A&E and subsequent hospital stays. I lost my job because of all the absence. I missed my family and friends. My partner was neglected. My life had changed but I was in denial until I finally hit rock bottom. I was terrified of everything - going out, people etc just in case it prompted an exacerbation. My asthma is non-allergenic so I will never now what triggered this late-onset disease. This is a brief history of how it was...... You will all know the trauma, heartache, grief, despair that I felt. However it is now late 2018 and life is so much different. I have been on Mepolizumab for twelve months now with very little of my old symptoms. No steroids, no hospital admissions and now I am looking forward to the future. I recently applied and accepted an offer for a new job. It is not the same as before. It will not be as hectic and I will not be paid as much but I will be happy and feel valued again. I cannot wait to start my next new chapter. BRING IT ON......

My love, thoughts and support go to everyone with this devastating disease but there is light at the end of the tunnel and hope survives x

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I just want to wish u all the luck in the world take carexxx

Thank you very much Christina. You are very kind 😄

Hi, thanks for sharing! It's great to hear success stories.

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corinneyvonne in reply to Mogget

Thanks for your reply. I feel so lucky to be just here 👍🙏😄

Well done you!!!

Good luck for the future,

Liz xx

Thank you Liz. You too 😄 x

Oooooh this sounds so encouraging. I was diagnosed with EPGA in 2016 but some specialist have said its SREA. I am unable to work due to severe attacks and hospitalization. I am currently waiting to start Mepolizamub. Great to hear it has changed your life and looking forward to my brighter future xx

I am truly grateful for this drug. I hope you get it soon and have as much success. Keep me posted 😄 x

Thank you xx

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I felt more hopeful after reading your post here. I was diagnosed with SREA in 2013 & am still waiting to be treated with Mepolizumab.

I wish my consultant were as good as yours clearly is. Mine acts like the cost of the treatment is coming out of his own pocket & he really loves the power it gives him by withholding the treatment from people, including myself.

Absolutely delighted for you and long may you continue to stay well & healthy and feeling you can reclaim your life back again 👍👍🌺🌺🌸🌸💐💐

Aww what a fab story I am so pleased for you didn't work for me ended up ventilated in ITU and no reduction of 40mg pred...same now on reslizumab but this time more severe attack unsure what next stage is ...

Good luck x

I am sorry to hear that you are having such a difficult time 🤗. Unfortunately as we are all unique, one size does not fit all. I am so lucky and hope that you will be too. My thoughts are with you x

Thank you ...Sonya x

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