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Hi all hope ur all well been a while since I been on here I’m not to great at the most moment on 80mg steroids, antibiotics and 4 hourly nebs I’m off the royal Brompton tomorrow for clinic , got a sore mouth as had implants put in as I lost my teeth die the steroids so all stitches on gums so in lot of pain been 4 weeks I had my thumb fussed as arthritis bad so no longer able to bend it so I’m not doing great and the asthma just playing it’s normal place in my life trying to stay out of hospital hope everyone else is ok x

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Tracy, you poor girl as if you don’t have enough to put up with as it is but at least you have some lovely teeth and once the pain has gone you will feel so much better .All the best for tomorrow love and hugs x😘🤗😇

Oh goodness!sounds as if one illness aggravating other?so much pain.let us know how you get on please, I will keep my fingers crossed.

hi sorry to hear ur not great I would like ur advise I have also lost most of my teeth ,did u have to be knocked out .they said am not well enough to and u know how it feels not able to smile and the pain ,sorry again ur going through a hard time.did u use to go guys hospital or has it always been the royal brompton.you can take antibiotics all the time u take them Monday Wednesday Friday that's if ur not on them already.i am going through a hard time myself I do get house bound alot of the time but the last 18months spent weeks at a time in bed.i don't know what ur trigers are but one of mine is the weather really had a bad winter even worse summer. How about u has the weather played a big part good luck at clinic best wishes

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Ps please let me know how u get on as ur going through a hard time warm wishes

Really hope things improve for you soon. Sending healing wishes. X

You've had a hard time of it. Look after yourself and keep your spirits up. None of us has it perfect, but we go on.

Hope your condition improves Tracey. Take care. Warm regards


I'm so sorry you are having such a bad time at the moment. Keeping you in my prayers as always. I hope today goes well.

I am so sorry you are going through so much at the moment but you are keeping cheerful which you are so good at. Take care and let us know regularly how you are getting on. Big hugs xxxx

Ohhhhhhh Tracey, Bless your heart, sooooooo sorry , you are strongest lady I know ! Thank you for catch up post 😘 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Dear Tracey,

What a rotten patch you are having. I do hope your mouth is soon feeling more comfortable and that your thumb settles down too. Good luck at RBH. Thinking of you.


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Tracey1972 in reply to Billygoat

Hi yea not great down to 60mg steroids and finding it hard today again but I’m coping at home back to dental hospital this Wednesday to check stitches and fracture clinic Thursday been to RBH done spirometry very low could on do one shot at it as started cough and getting breathless but they looked st readings with that one and old ones and said it was very low and if I get any worse when trying to drop steroids as got to get back to 40mg got to go a&e x

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