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Newly Diagnosed late onset Asthma


Hallo everyone I was diagnosed with Asthma in 2016 after I had a life threatening attack. I take salamol fostair 200/6 and Spiriva inhalers everyday. I do not have an "Action Plan". I printed one out at the library and took it to my doctor so he could fill it out for me. He says I do not need one. He says dial 111 if I am unwell. Is this normal?


I also have a duodenal ulcer

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No, it's not normal. When you have Asthma Action Plan, you can prevent serious exacerbations and increase your medications when you feel the first signs of asthma worsening.

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Thank you

To be honest, my action plan is all verbal. It's not ideal but I know what I should be doing. Do you have an asthma nurse? You might get more help from an asthma nurse. GP's can be useless if we ask them to do anytime. 😞

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Thanks for your reply. My Asthma nurse retired six months ago. I just saw a normal nurse on my last check up. I do not have any instructions except dial 111 if I am ill. I have almost made my mind up to change my doctor.

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Can you ask if your practice has an asthma nurse? Ours does but I already see one at the hospital. You could also call the Asthma UK nurses for advice on how to proceed. They have often given me the words to say when I didn't know how to address the health care professionals. Good luck and don't give up until you feel happy with your plan.

I am surprised the hospital didn’t do one for you. I am also late onset (though suspect the signs have always been there), and, like you, ended up in hospital two years ago. It was significant, but didn’t go so far as to be life threatening. They made sure I was discharged with a plan. Your gp is clearly not on toP of best practice.

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Thanks for your help

I know how it feels I been in and out of hospital all my life I ve had it ventoline have had 4 Hackman lines and 2porto catch I also have a drip at home, but don't know how u feel but fed up of ppl and Dr 's saying it's only asthma makes me mad. Don't know about u I have had disablity all my life until some nasty ppl said I was not I'll I am at home90 percent of the time I really struggling with lots of things how about u how 's things with you

You do need an action plan I had an exasperation in 2016 have been diagnosed with asthma copd cross over and was told by the consultant I would need an action plan. It's important that both you and those close to you know what action to take if you have an attack as it is serious. Having an action plan can help know who to call and how to help with breathing inhalers etc. 111 will probably have access to your action plan. But if you are struggling to form breath speak just call ambulance as 111 will do that after going through assessment. The action plan helps yourself and others to take action with out panicking as you could not tell anyone what to do to help if your struggling yourself. Hope you get things sorted out it puts your mind at rest.

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Thank you very much for your reply. It is very usefull

Hi, I have severe emphysema and late onset asthma. I haven't got an action plan even though I have a hospital consultant and an annual review at my GP surgery. The latter is done by a practice nurse who isn't an asthma nurse. No one has ever mentioned an action plan.

I tend to ring my GP surgery where they have a triage system when my reliever is having no effect and am usually given Prednisolone and sometimes an antibiotic. On one occasion I rang 111 and was given an out of hours GP appointment. Fortunately I have never felt I was bad enough to warrant ringing 999.

Both my consultant and GP seem to focus on the emphysema. Sometimes it is difficult to know what is causing breathing difficulties which are a daily occurrence though it is probably a combination of both diseases. Much of what I know about both has been learnt through reading about them and through the experience of others on this forum and the British Lung Foundation forum.

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Sorry to resurrect such an old thread but I have emphysema that was found on a cat scan while going for heart surgery. I have had persistent breathing issues for a few years now. Only went for Spirometry a few months back and it shows I have some asthma. I had 320 ml and 18% reversibility. I take fostair and spiriva which is ok but still not perfect. I was wondering what your reversibility was. Also you are right it's hard to know which of the 2 is more prevalent in causing the symptoms. I have never had any attacks or exacerbations. The only thing I get is a feeling of restriction in my throat. Not looking forward to the emphysema getting worse. Frightens me if I'm honest. I exercise every day and packed in the ciggies 11 months ago. So doing my bit. From what I've have read a lot of adult onset is persistent and so I'm hoping that's the main culprit. Thanks.

I have never had a reversability test. The asthma diagnosis was as a result of extensive hospital based lung function tests. The emphysema was diagnosed after ct scan.

I have had exacerbations treated with prednisolone. My inhalers are Spiriva Respimat and Fostair along with Ventolin.

I too find the disease frightening but try not to dwell on it. Keep up the exercises and well done for quitting smoking.

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