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FINALLY! After 18 days in hospital (15 of which were on HDU), countless nebulisers, x rays, blood gases, itu reviews and all the usual fun hospital activities I am finally being discharged today.

Also as I managed to stay stable over the weekend I whizzed along to clinic this morning and had my first xolair injection!

Hopefully this is day 1 of starting to regain some control! But for now, I’m just looking forward to a Chinese takeaway with my housemate later and spreading out in my double bed and pile of pillows!

Hope everyone else is well and not suffering too much in the never ending heat! 😁🎉🎉

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Hi JS.

Good luck with the Xolair, it helped me for 4 years until I had a bout of pneumonia.

I was on 4 injections every 4 weeks, it did keep me out of hospital while I was on it. I have now been put on Mepolizumab (Nucala) that is keeping me out of hospital for the 15 months I have been on it.

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Thank you! Sorry to hear that xolair stopped helping you but glad that the nucala is working well!

I do hope Xolair treatment helps you.

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Thank you, so do I!

Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

Glad you finally escaped and hope the Chinese was good after 18 days of NHS cuisine!

Crossed fingers for the Xolair and hope you're also recovering ok in the heat. I swear what is outside my office is not air...

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