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Diurnal Variation (pt.2)


I hope it's OK to post this, but some of you might recall that there was a thread on here a while back about diurnal variation - the extent to which peak flow varies through the day & over a series of days, & the somewhat complicated Maths used to work it out. Myself & anjyil said we'd have a look & see if we could produce anything that might help, & have come up with a spreadsheet if anyone wants it.

Just to emphasise, we've done our best to work it all out, but it should really be seen as something to help & guide you - it's 100% NOT diagnostic & may very well have errors in it, but if anyone wants a copy, please message me & I will send it to you.

It's free :) - if you think it's worth anything, I'd far rather you donate to AsthmaUK!

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I'd love to see it. I don't think I have a diurnall effect (or when I do have one it seems reversed) but it would be interesting to have a look.

I'd like a copy please. Will PM my email.

I've sent you both copies, please let me know if they haven't arrived!

I’d like a copy please

Yay you posted! :D I got to use it a bit before my computer got packed away for remodeling. Minushabens did an excellent job with the formula, layout, etc. It is really helpful to help you see what your doctor is thinking about when he or she looks at your peak flows :)

I would also be very interested in this. The two tiny am/pm squares on the pf diary card don't give room to show how much it varies in the course of the day. Going to check out pt1 of this thread/discusdion now ...

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