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Anyone been through DLA to PIP assessment?

Ive had chronic asthma all my life with other medical issues as a result like diabetes, also had heart bypass 3 years ago, plus an eye condition - kerataconus as a result of bad excema in my 20s. Im in my mid 60s, on 4 inhalers and tablets, and it wont get any better as i was told i only have 50% lung capacity after investigation for a lung nodule which was suspected as being cancerous, but isnt.

Now ive had to apply for PIP after being on DLA for years, sent in all my medical letters & evidence and they still booked me for a face to face assessment, fortunately at home as my wife is stage 4 cancer sufferer, which complicates it all as she used to look after me!

Has anyone else gone through the change from DLA to PIP and how did it go? Obviously everyones situation is different but id be interested to hear of anyones experiences of PIP & Capita !!

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Hi Cavair, Yes I went through a reassessment for DLA to PIP (with ATOS). The face to face was stressful as it is about the assessor filling in their computer boxes. Go well prepared. I used the information from Benefits and Work website which was very helpful. Make sure you have good examples which show the paticular criteria you meet. I was successful in gaining PIP. I took my husband with me so that he could prompt and confirm my answers.

A friend of mine with severe heart disease was refused but when she saw the assessors report she was so shocked at how inaccurate it was that she asked for a DWP Decision Makers reassessment by letter and was awarded PIP. (She had strong supporting evidence from her Consultant). If you sent in good supporting medical evidence then you should get it. Sometimes they do face to face assessments to see what level to award you.

All the best with it and I hope it works out well for you.


Thanks for your reply. Glad you were successful. !

Yes ive got the B & W website info...its been very useful for the main form.

We have a home assessment wed next week. Not clear though if a medical examination is different to this assessment. But i had sent in my consultants letters so they have the evidence.

Kind regards

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