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colds and asthma


Having manage to avoid a cold all winter I now have one which started yesterday. Lots of catarrh and a chesty cough. I did take regular Ventolin yesterday 4 puffs every 4 hours and now started doing it today since lunchtime. I spoke to asthma UK nurses for advice and they said check my peak flow to see if its dropping. My peak flow has drop to 420/500. This was after having Ventolin so my peak flow is definitely effected. I going to do again in 2 hours time when the Ventolin wears off.

I am nursing my poor hubbie at the moment who gone down with flu. So glad for the having the flu jab.

Is there any other advice people can give me. My chest was a little ach yesterday and a bit today.

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What a shame you have caught a cold, but I suppose it is inevitable sooner or later. Hope you don’t even catch a mild version of your husband’s flu.

If your asthma symptoms worsen or your peakflow drop more than 20%, it is time to seek help from your GP. I think you know this. So, keep warm, and rested, and lots of hand washing. Hope you feel better soon.

elanaoali in reply to Wheezycat

Peak flow is 400 without any ventolin as it's warn off. So I going to keep using the ventolin every 4 hours. I don't feel that bad no other symptoms of asthma just an ache in my chest. I am praying I don't get my husband's bug.

I hope you start to feel better soon

thanks folks

Here’s my top secret tip from the Boys Club. He’s got exactly the same as you. Tell your husband that there’s a care & support rota & tomorrow it’s his turn ;-) Then promise you will never tell my wife I told you that.

Seriously though it’s rubbish when you get a cold & it gets on your chest. If you have a sympathetic GP, they might give you some antibiotics to help at least a bit & probably would give you some steroids if your PF is low.

I hope you (& hubby) soon feel better :-)

Poor you!

My favourite tipple for when I have a cold is a hot ginger and honey drink. Same idea as honey and lemon but using ginger instead. 1teaspoon freshly grated ginger root with 1 teaspoon honey topped with hot water - I find it very soothing. I have also heard of a variant on this where lemon is added in addition to the ginger.

Vitamin C, 1000mg a day. It has helped me so much, but the GP said it does take a few months for it to take effect. Also, if the asthma starts acting up, see your GP asap for steroids. I've found if I take them as soon as I start having issues, I tend to get over them more quickly. So far, any little colds I've had have passed easily. I hope I can make it through this winter without a chest infection for a change! Good luck and hope your husband feels well soon. x

Thanks all for your tips and advise. Hubbie is definitely feeling better today.

Just been to the doctors to check out my chest etc. My peak flow this morning was 380/500 so drop a bit from last night (that was with Ventolin on board) Doctor listen to my chest and it was fine and my oxygen levels too.

Checked through my inhalers on what I on. (Nexthaler Fostair 100 and Flixotide 250 2 puffs twice a day for both). Remarked that that was a lot of steroids. However after looking through my notes from my consultant who was happy with that much steroids.

Advice to have as much Ventolin as I need. Every hour if necessary. I had 8 puffs about 45 mins ago. I going to increase my Ventolin puffs every 4 hours and see how I get on.

I hope and pray I will be well by next week as on Wednesday, I am having my breathing test at my local hospital. I have waited two months for this. So eager to get it done.


I take 1000mg vitamin c from Holland Barrett and cold liver oil I take selenium ace and zinc

2 puffs of ventolin or when I need

2 puffs of seretide

I also have montelukast 10 mg

And when I have a cold honey and lemon in ginger tea

If it gets worse got straight to your gp

If any pain paracetamol

elanaoali in reply to Hidden

Thank you soulSister74 I on Fostair Nexthaler 100 and Fostair 250 (so no doubting on anything) just lots of Ventolin, paracetamol and ibuprofen. (yes I ok on Ibuprofen). i take montelukast and steroid spray for rhinitis + antihistamine.

I would love to take honey and lemon but can't take lemon bad for my bladder.

I going to take night nurse tonight for a good nights sleep.

Going to go to bed now and rest and wonderful teenager is cooking tea.

Hidden in reply to elanaoali

Elanaoali your very welcome I’ve had Asthma since I was 12 years old so I’m kind of understanding

Take care plenty of rest to


Hi! Hope you're feeling better. I use a spacer most of the time as my inhaler technique is bad. I've escaped catching anything so far but do rinse my mouth and gargle with Corsadyl quite often just hoping any lurking germs go away.

I also use Relvar Ellipta and Incruse Ellipta inhalers which I think help BUT I am on about 30 blasts of Ventolin everyday. I am quite lively and my peak flow is just over 300 which is not too bad according to my Asthma Nurse - I am 66 years old. I drink peppermint tea (no milk) twice a day, ginger candies, about 6 pints of water and no lactose.

I remember the days when there were no inhalers and feeling like I was on death's door when I got a cold.

This season I have kept the heat on in the bedroom too.

Lots of hand washing and so on.


Hi DavyDave I used a big spacer for better intake of Ventolin and my fostair. I used to be called the home for homeless germs when I was a kid. :-)

I really appreciate modern medicine when I was a kid we just struggled through colds with vick on the chest. I didn't have asthma as a kid.

I have been washing my hands really well. That was the secret of the British Olympia team for London 2012.

Thanks for all your advice

Hidden in reply to elanaoali

So are you an Olympian then for what country

And didn’t the experts show you a breathing technique

I do boxing training and I’m learning to breathe and it helps my Asthma especially yesterday evening

elanaoali in reply to Hidden

LoL no Olympian. I find that swimming and pilates are good for help with breathing well. My peak flow should be 420 for my age etc but is 500. I was once asked by an asthma nurse if I did running I said no I swam she said that explain it.

Hi all with 4 days to go til my breathing test on Wednesday morning I am still struggling. Yesterday my peak flow on getting up was 350/500. So I have had lots ventolin as much as I think I needed. I felt very tired. My peak flow did go up a bit 380 pon but didn't stay there very long. Last evening it dropped to 300 but got it back to 350 with 8 puffs of ventolin.

Today my peak flow was 350 on getting up. So same pattern lots of ventolin. I still full of catarrh and a chesty cough. I getting tired just doing normal stuff I like I been out food shopping etc.

My chest is a bit achy. I never ever been this bad with a cold.

Any further advice?

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