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Steroids/ insomnia

So after working out in the gym for months and having increased my cardio boxes by 5, I learned I am suddenly hit again by another asthma flare up! Taking all usual medications and montilukeous and steroids and can’t sleep 💤 I literally feel asleep at 1pm and woke at 4:30am been awake since! Cough cough cough! Been waiting for NHS respiratory department referral since August last year! No follow up by my consultant! I have done my best to stay out of walk in centre, knowing full well what I need is nebuliser! I have been bed and sofa bound and all I want to do is sleep and go gym! Living with asthma sucks!!!! Never get help we need! Bored / fed up frustrated and no one understands, unless they have asthma too!

I should be controlling this not other way round!!!

For anyone who has partners, how do they cope when you have flare ups and can’t sleep etc? And all you do is cough cough all night long! Then by the morning your so exhausted you can’t physically cough

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I totally understand! I’m on pred at the moment and awake half the night. I just lie very quietly and read under the duvet!

What reliever are you taking? My night time coughing is much better after switching to terbutaline from salbutamol. Might be worth seeing if there are some options for you.


Thank you I am on symbicort/ salbutamol and something at night to stop the nasty production in lungs at night and hay fever stuff! GP has said no gym for another 5/6 days and more steroids! So frustrating but thanks I will ask about that!


I know how you feel, I have been on steroids since November, and the sleeping has been a big issue, they are great at helping my breathing, but I am lucky if I can a couple of hours sleep. I have been of the prednisone since Sunday. Hopefully it’ll make a difference. I am just hoping in the next couple of weeks it doesn’t flare up. They are great for your breathing but not for your sleep. Surely this can’t be a good mix.


Totally agree both are important and sleep needed to help body recover! However when your coughing all night I think are they helping me breathe! I don’t know why they don’t give nebuliser out for us that could do with the burst into lungs


I totally agree. I was taken into hospital. Oxygen was at 82%. They never even gave me oxygen or a nebuliser. Xx


Terrible! I said to asthma nurse why are they so set on oxygen levels! They need to be educated on the cough symptoms too! She agreed


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