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Shocking cough!


Have had asthma for years generally well controlled with steroid/ formoterol sprays. Never really need ventolin. Have had a cough for the past few weeks and in the past few days my peak flow has dropped, I need ventolin several times a day and I am getting breathless doing very little despite normally being able to exercise fine. Is this normal with a cough for asthmatics our should I be worried? Any advice/ similar experiences greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Getting slightly breathless whilst having a cold is normal, but you should always get it checked out by your GP in case it is something more serious and needs urgent attention.

If your breathing gets worse within the next few days, you should get an appointment to get yourself checked out by a doctor.

Hope this helps


Coughing is normal. My cousin coughed so much during an asthma exacerbation she broke two ribs. I also cough a lot, especially when my asthma has deteriorated, but so far my ribs are intact.

If your peakflow is dropping, and you are breathless you ought to consider seeing your GP.


I am not a doctor (just for the record) but in my experience, the coughing and increased use of your Ventolin inhaler mean that your asthma is not currently under control. I would urge you to see your doctor, who may advise increasing your preventer medication while you have a cough/cold. In the meantime, get a cough medicine and drink loads of water to thin the mucas.

I neglected to do this about 2 years ago and one night, my excessive coughing triggered an asthma attack which landed me up in hospital.

Now, when I have a cough or cold symptoms, I automatically increase my daily preventer inhaler dosage (from one puff twice a day to two puffs).


Increase steroid dosage. Have a Doctor listen to your breathing.


Thanks to all for replying. Took the advice and went to doc who listened to breathing and told me she wasn't surprised I was struggling! (and that lots of others were having the same problem over Christmas). Put on antibiotics and prednisolone. Steroid helped pretty quickly - the breathlessness started to improve even before the peak flow started to rise. Only just now feeling nearly normal though. Thanks again and happy new year.


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