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Asthma with ongoing viral infection

Morning, Im new here and was wondering if anyone can help? I only really get asthma symptoms along with colds, viruses or really damp cold air. Rarely have to take my blue inhaler otherwise but do take a preventor daily. I have been through the mill this last month with a horrible virus which resulted in tests for glandular fever and mumps. Was put on a course of clarithroymicin and prednisolene at 40mg a day for a week. Finished both a couple of days ago. Still have cough and congestion bringing up clear phlegm. Doctor eventually said upper respiratory tract infection last week so im hoping this cough is just a lingering cough. However woke up this morning all stuffed up again and dizzy again, like its not shifted from my head. At my wits end and dont know what to do, go back to the doctor or wait and see. Do I need more steroids? Im still a bit wheezy but on Monday doc said wasnt my chest and my breathing was fine, she said it was the cough?? Would Beconaise help? So tired of this, its week 5....😢

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It sounds as though you have a horrid time of it. You do have to give yourself time recover, it takes me about 10 weeks to completely recover from a chest infection.

I would say, you may need a steroid inhaler. But you may just need time to recover. If you are still coughing a lot, and are stuffed up, it may be your sinus's. You could try buying some sudofed, which helps me sometimes. The other thing I do and is incredibly helpful is Nasal Rinsing. I use the NeilMed system. both available in the chemist.

If things are still bad after the weekend I would go back to your doctor. Or always helpful to call the asthma UK helpline, which you could do tomorrow 9.00am -5.00pm



thank you for taking the time to reply. I have a feeling it is in my sinuses, have started taking a steroid nasal inhaler so I will be waiting to see if things settle down. been so tired today but thats probably because I had so little sleep in the last week from the steroids. Bit down too but again probably the steroids.

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