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morning all

morning all hope your fit and well. I've not been here too much after my asthma settled down a bit. anyway had first hospital appt yesterday first in a long time and feel like total fraud sats were good, spiro good and feno all good, even tho I still struggle to breath, dr said to have a ct scan which he is booking and I don't wish to attend as was made to feel as if there is nothing wrong with me despite asthma in our family is hereditary my mother died of it and my bro has is chronic. felt the need to rant. rant over

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Of course you should have the CT scan! You admit you still have problems and your family history means you should get checked out. Please get as much information as you can about your condition - it is the only way to deal with it properly.


i know i should have it, but felt like i was wasting enough time and resources at hospital appt, so have no wish to feel that way. stupid i know but having anxiety doesnt help.


Agree.Get as much information. Information is power. Can you bring somebody in with you to next appointment. Get scan done. Speak up for yourself.my respiratory Dr said to me once I can't read your mind. Keep in touch with asthma Nurse.


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